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Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 Min tå tog to tog til København

Thats a Dansk joke because all 4 of those words in the middle are pronounced essentially the same way. It means my toe took two trains to Copenhagen! Ahhh Danish! The language is coming along pretty great for a greenie honestly I can't really complain at all! Pronunciation is just crazy tough because theres a lot of sounds that just aren't in english! We helped with a stake deacon beehive activity and so I got some 12 and 13 year olds to laugh as I tried to reapeat these totally tough tongue twisters (alliteration what up) back to them! It was pretty funny! 

I loved all those pictures! that pic of Jack, Kyle, and Peyton was crazy I didn't realize it was already graduation! Kyle's going up to provo right? Anyway trek sounded way awesome holy cow those activities sound so sweet! Speaking of all of that I can't believe it's summer back home! Has it hit 100 degrees yet? I'm way jealous of camping and pools and lakes haha! Also Cole is just being a little stud with all those ladies! That group will be way fun going into Fremont. Cole will have to write me and tell me who he thinks is the cutest ;) Isaac looks like a total pro with the bow! That would be so sick if by the time I came home he was like an archery expert haha! Thats like three summers in a row at fossil creek! what a tradition!

Ok I guess I'll just go through my week and then I'll answer your questions! So Sunday night I broke the chain and the whole gear sytem on my bike so we got back way late but luckily I didn't need it for monday which was FARUP SOMMERLAND! the Aalborg missionaries plus two members piled in a bus with a million danish 14 year olds and rode up north till "Denmark's funnest forest" to translate their slogan! I thought it was way fun because I was in an amusement park in Denmark so wooaahhh you know! No rides were really way crazy or anything but there were no lines and basically hardly any like safety restrictions you just jump in your seat, someone maybe checks if your secure and then you're off without even a "hands and feet inside at all times" way fun! Tuesday and wednesday were just normal days but with tons of travel time because i didn't have a bike. 

On Thursday we took a train for 6 hours into Copenhagen for my one month meeting! I chatted with this pregnant woman on the way there for the first couple hours and ended up teaching her the whole first lesson! It was way good because Æ Bateman and I couldn't sit together so I was flying without a safety net! we started in English a little bit but then switched to Danish and it was just way awesome. She got off the train sooner than I expected so I missed her number but she knows about mormon.org and she seemed way affected by our talk. We spent the night in the APs apartment so there was 8 of us in a 4 man apartment which was crazy! It was soo good seeing my MTC group again we had a blast catching up and then we all got to go through the temple! In Danish!! woaaaaahhh pretty crazy! The only tough thing was that every other person from my mtc group has at least 1 baptismal date and things seem to be hopping in all their areas. President kept going around talking about how everyone could help their specific investigators and then to us he'd say but you're helping M----! Which is totally true! I'll talk more about that in a little bit but it's not like 'normal missionary work' you know? Anyway on the train ride home Æ West and I sat together and we chatted with this woman and got her number and everything pretty fun! 

The rest of the week was service, weekly planning, church, and a lot of knocking on doors. Church is going way better but it's way hard to get anything specific out of talks and when people tell long stories I get way lost! We had two people say they were gonna come this week but they no showed. The ward is somewhere like a 100 active members maybe I'm not sure exactly but its not big but not like crazy tiny! The thing is a ton of Danes speak better English than basically any missionary can speak Danish especially members because almost all entertainment is in English. From what I understand a lot of education is Danish too. So we learn the language more so that people will respect our effort I think than for actual understanding. Food wise! I'm losing a ton of weight right now hahaha coming from college to having a hurt back to the MTC I was heavier than ever but then I went to biking all day and only eating meals I prepare myself and i'm just dropping kilos! like 15-20 lbs already from when I weighed myself the 2nd day in the land. We eat rye bread with liver paste and red beats (way better than it might sound), Fried rice, Curry, Cereal stuff or bread with jam and cheese (Danish thing) for breakfast. Members also feed us sometimes and they give us leftovers too! We ate at this vietnamese womans house and she seriously made buckets of this noodle fish soup stuff which we had to fight to finish to be polite hahah and she also made like a 100 egg rolls for just the 4 of us! It was insane. The leftover bag included 2 bags of cooked white rice, a bunch of candy, a full chicken, and a liter of juice. Ridiculous hahah!

Ok so now a little more about who we visit. We try and stop by a few different inactives and old investigators but none of them really meet with us regularly. We also meet with A--- who is in the mental hospital and that's along the lines of service/missonary work. He truly believes the church is true but just has some issues that prevent him from being in a stable enough place to make lasting committments. We also meet with a girl who has been investigating for almost 2 years who has read the BoM D&C and the pearl of great price but just isn't quite sure its 100% true. M---- is a recent convert who got baptized in January I think. We work a lot with him because he is struggling and we're doing all we can to help him feel like he has support and that he can do it. He goes to college here in Aalborg so theres all those normal college temptations plus he was Muslim so a lot of his friends and his whole family is of that faith plus its like finals time here and so there's just a ton of pressure on him.  It's not exactly the missionary work I was expecting out here but its way more important. We're praying really hard this week to try and find someone new to teach because we really aren't teaching very often but no effort is wasted as it says in Preach my Gospel!

Anyway that was a long letter to make up for last week's short one!

Jeg elsker jer,
Ældste McBride
We found a hedgehog while doing service. Pindsvind in Danish!

That's me and my dad copying a lame looking nick show!

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