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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 hola familia yo hablo espanol


The summer sounds absolutely crazy! I forgot how many fun activities that go on all at the same time! The ward sounds like they're doing some absolutely killer missionary work! Way to go! I wish I could share some way amazing stories over here but still a little dry on that! We taught a grand total of buh buh buhhhh 2 lessons this week haha. :) I just laugh because I've been having to watch the District training videos, since I'm a greenie, which are about missionaries in America, who casually plan somewhere around 40 lessons a week when they do their weekly planning which is way funny hahah just way dumb videos for us to watch! Both of them were with our pal M---- but one was his friend telling us about Islam while smoking a cigarette every 10 minutes which was ehhh. It was actually way interesting to understand more about that whole business and have a feeling I'll learn much more by the end of the Mish! 

Way awesome things! The bike has functioned for the whole week! We also did service at two different members houses and when I said I was from AZ they told us their conversion stories. Both were introduced to the church when Missionaries from AZ knocked on their doors. Both stories also involved one of the missionaries being greenies, one was even named Jeff McBride. One of the missionaries very well could have been Egon Johnson a long time ago in Sweden. Ask him if he taught a young girl named Inga when he was on a mission. Those stories got me pumped! The language really came along this week! I've jumped up like crazy in my understanding which is great and I keep asking questions so I'm learning more words and expressions every day! We had zone conference this week which was President Sederholm's last zone conference. I've never met someone who can bring the Spirit into a meeting with fewer words. I'm sad to see him go but at the same time ridiclously excited to meet the new president President O'Bryant and find out what legacy he is going to start building. When President Sederholm got here he turned the mission that had been spiraling down for years around and had a solid 2.5 years of growth so I'm hoping we can keep that up! We also got to here from Elder Holland who broadcasted from Scotland till all of Northern Europe. It was powerful, just a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon! Just so good! :)

Anyway one thing I learned in studies this week is that the Lord doesn't want us to sit back and ask for stuff to happen, he wants us thinking, working, planning, acting and then asking for help. So that's what i'm trying to do Out pray, out think, out work this way slow time here and it'll be great!

Also, I found out that my quote book isn't exactly mission library so will you send a few generally awesome quotes to me every week .They don't have to be like mormon pinterest quotes haha just inspiring or epic basically. Also I found out we can listen to classical music so what are some of your favorite composers Mom/maybe send me some music please :) Also Cole didn't tell me about his little "hangouts" with "girls" so I'd love to hear from him and Ike! Anyways jeg elsker jer!

Kærlighed Helse,
Ældste McBride

We did this thing called a nougat bit challenge this morning which is a whole box of this crazy sweet cereal as fast as you can! I'm proud to say I got 2nd place with a time of 15 minutes, 2.5 minutes behind Æ Hafen but 6 behind the standing Mission record. It was like 300 g of sugar. 155 g of fat and like 3500 calories!

I didn't take a lot of pics thsi week so I made a series called mission life. this is the view of the center of our opgang complex from my bedroom window!

This is me making B fast. The kitchen is exactly one Æ McBride wide!

This is my bed, the blanket fort contraption blocks the sun which comes through our window approximately at 4:30ish every morning!

This is the Fjord that we jog down to every morning at 6:30!

This flag has everyone who has lived in our apartment on it. 
This is our living room/desks!

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