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Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015 Breakthroughs!!!

Ok ok this week was absolutely amazing! Easily the best week of my mission! We began an awesome Book of Mormon study with M---! We discussed the first chapter of 1 Nephi for like an hour and said he'd like to continue with that next time! He's all about really digging deep into the scriptures hahaha. We also had a fantastic lesson with C---! All signs are pointing to some really amazing progress in the next transfer, she's comitted to finding an answer, she broke up with her boyfriend, and shes visiting an ex missionary in the US for 2 weeks! We're way excited!! Also that same day we were knocking on doors and for the first time in my mission and only the third in Æ Bateman's we were let in! Ya knock a few hundred times and it will be opened unto you! That's how it goes right? hahah. She said she reads the Bible all the time but sometimes doesn't understand it and we were like "Then have we got the book for you!" hahah we planning on having another meeting tomorrow! So wayyyyy exciting! 

Now to build into the most spiritual experience of the week. We have a friend that plays basketball named M--- and this week and his friend where we discussed in great detail Islam and Mormonism. It is insanely amazing how lined up a lot of the doctrines are. Literally besides the Atonement of Jesus Christ it's almost the same. So that was suprising! They invited us to come discuss more at their Mosque that Sunday, so yesterday after church we biked over to the Mosque. In Aalborg it's this way small humble building and we went inside and began discussing our faith with about 7 or 8 muslims including an Imam, which is like a Muslim pastor. Sitting there cross legged, on a carpet, in a mosque, in a circle of Muslim men I felt a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that we were right, that everything we stand for is true, the Church is true, it was the most amazing feeling of comfort in a situation that was admittedly very intimidating. All of them were very nice and very respectful the whole time but we could feel that they were used to "confounding" Christians in other faiths but there we sat, able to answer every question they had, with confidence! Just a couple 19 year old kids in a mosque, preaching Jesus Christ as our Savior and that there are prophets today. I don't think it strongly affected any of them other than they are now very impressed with our church, especially since we were fasting that day, they thought that was amazing because fasting is really important in Islam. I've never felt like more of a missionary than in that Mosque. We gave out a couple Book of Mormons, including one to the Imam. They invited us back anytime. We'll probably go back one more time, but it's not really our purpose to debate religion when we could be out finding others. It was really powerful. 

Anyway that was about our week! It was really awesome! It was also transfers and me and Æ Bateman are staying together!! Not suprising because I still have a transfer of training left. We are beginning this 40 day challenge thing that we read about in a talk which is designed to help build a habit of turning any trial and any temptation into an immediate opportunity for spiritual growth, so we're excited about that! We said goodbye this morning to Æ Gudmundson and Søster Williams who are both serving on Sjælland this transfer! Æ Hafen is heading to København to pick up a brand new Greenie who's gonna start here in Aalborg just like me!!! All 6 elders in the district slept in the same appartment last night because we were going to help take luggage to the train and Æ Willardson who was serving up in the very north of Jylland, Frederikshavn, said the best thing I've ever heard. "Can I use your dryer, my baptismal clothes are still wet" Just epic! They had a baptism up there yesterday and he transferred away this morning! The work is going forward and its really exciting. This was the best week for our distict in something over 3 months! 

It's so great to hear about Arizona, I can't even imagine 100 degree weather! It rained on us as we biked for over 2 hours last Saturday hahahaha! I'm glad to hear everyone's doing great1 Enjoy swimming!!! Holy dang I miss that!

Meget Kærlighed Helst,
Æ McBride

P.s. Sorry I didn't take pics this week! Oops!

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