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Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 Goddag!

Heeyyyyyy how's it goin everybody? 

Way to go Cole! That was a ton of football! I'm way jealous of the beach that would be so nice! By the way HAPPY FATHERS DAY Daddio! If you have any sweet stories from your mission you should send them to me! Also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY thats so crazy!!
This week was a little tough! We had a ton planned and very little that actually went through! One story I can share is that we stopped by this guy who met the Missionaries two year ago when the knocked on his door. They taught the first lesson and then set a baptismal date. Missionaries were unable to contact him since then despite literally hundreds of stop bys. So on tuesday we stopped by and a woman answered and said we should come back the next morning. A man answered that wednesday morning and said that the guy we're looking for would be there in the morning that friday! So on friday we knocked and duh duh duhyhhh he answered!! From what we know missionaries haven't seen him for two years! That was pretty crazy! He said he was busy that day so he gave us an appointment for the next day. When we showed up he still wasn't there. Dissappointing but still pretty crazy! 

This week we also practiced our contacting technique with the Book of Mormon and worked on how to make it better and that led to about 3 really potential contacts all from knocking doors (We do that a lot hahah)! One said to come back in 2 weeks, another in 3 weeks, and another said his whole family would be able to talk to the missionaries in 2 months but that he was really interested! So this week was a good set up week, but immediate victories just kept being barely out of our grasp but oh well! 

We've been learning a lot in our studies lately because Æ Bateman and I have been focusing on Christlike attributes! Understanding how to develop those and what they really are has really been a help to the Challenge we started at the beginning of the transfer! I'm also halfway through Jesus the Christ now so I feel like i have a much better grasp of the New Testament! Its been quite the experience to really dive deep into all that stuff! i also started a study journal which has been making me read the Book of Mormon more closely. Just in case you forgot its a pretty great book! Mormon 9 is awesome!  I also gave my first blessing in Danish this week, well I annointed but still pretty crazy! That's about it for this week. Things are about to explode here in Aalborg I feel it! I love all of you! 

Meget Kærlighed Helst,
Ældste McBride

P.S. Dad I saw the U2 on U2 book in Danish and had a Devo song stuck in my head for most of the week. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger...

Boooooooyaaaaaaaaa Capri Sonne and Cool American chips for one cool American!!
This what the liver paste sandwiches look like!

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