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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 Happy Birthday Ike!!!

Kære Familie,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!!! I LOVE YA BUDDY! Tilykke med fødselsdagen!! You're an old guy now woah do you have a long white beard?  Have an awesome day buddy!

We don't have a lot of time today but Ældste Magleby and I are doing really really well. The past two weeks have just been really great work wise! We even have a totally normal young newly married Danish guy who is really progressing, we met with him last Monday and will again later this evening. He had the bible, Book of Mormon, and a notebook with a bunch of questions written down ready on his table! Very exciting! His name is C... We're really just doing great here! Crazy I'm over a year and time is just flying by! 

I love you guys sorry it was so short, I might get to add more later! Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste McBride

Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Sun, Surf, and Sand!

Hello Family,

Man what a perfect week it was to take a vacation! It's nice to really use the perks of being out for a year because I had so many vacation days saved up!! Elder Magleby and I took the whole week off just to enjoy it! WE LOVE SPRING BREAK! 

We were really lucky because the weather was perfect so the first part of the week we spent some time at the beach, then we just got to take it easy! We had good food, walks in the park, beautiful drives through the Danish countryside, and even got to go to a special Easter Concert in Copenhagen! It was so fun! We took a lot of pictures so I'll just include those with some good captions! 

But hey now its back to work this week! With all the rest we've had and our fresh tans we're ready to go! Hope I don't make you too jealous by how great my Spring Break was!! Love you guys!!

Ældste McBride

Reflections on a wall made out of rocks #SpringBreak2016

When you're on vacation you can eat whatever you want for lunch! Brownies and Ice Cream Yum!

I love the sun on the pier!
Just a casual ukuele day on the beach!

Can't forget the fly glasses while driving
Pretty Drives
Checking out a kite surfer!
Chillin w Elder Magleby
When your tie perfectly matches the flower path in the park! #Lucky #Springbreak

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 Zombie Weather

Dear Family,

the past few days here in Holbæk have been really foggy! One cold night we were biking and took this trail through some fields. It was completely dark except for the lights on our bikes and the moonlight shining eerily through the fog. It was like we were biking through a Walking Dead set and I couldn't help imagine the fields being filled with zombies haha! It was really awesome and really creepy! I know its dumb, but I miss Walking Dead haha!

Even better than the cool zombie bike ride was that Elder Magleby and I had an awesome week! We're working really well together! We met and started teaching this very sincere young guy who is willing to pray, read, and meet! He even texted us to get a Book of Mormon before the appointment! Our first lesson went really really well and he seemed excited to meet again! He's so positive, we've got some really high hopes for him :) This week we also got to go on splits with the ZLs! That means I got to spend a day in Slagelse with Elder Bradshaw! We had a really fun day, Elder Gudmensen played the bagpipes to contact people (he's legitimately a pro on the bagpipes!) That was really cool! Elder Bradshaw and I met this Chinese guy who wrote out for us his entire address in Chinese which was really sweet! It was just an all around good day, we even ate the Carl's Jr. that's in their area haha! 

I get so jealous of all your trips, holy cow! But thats ok 25th anniversaries are a big deal in Denmark, they call it sølvbryllup Silver anniversary! Gold is 50th anniversary. Belize sounds really really epic! Want to know something crazy? I hit my year mark next week! that's nuts! Current stats: 3.5 pairs of shoes destroyed, 0 nametags lost (still got the originals what up!), 4 areas, 6 companions, 2 frying pans purchased, 3 pairs of pants that I need to sew, about 4 pullups on a good day, and a whole lot of fun! Tell Isaac I'm really happy for his prayers, they help a lot! My prayers are kind of like, "Please help Cole and Ike that they can have a lot of fun and that they won't be knuckleheads while they grow up" haha :)

Besides that thanks for the package! I ate all of the cadbury eggs already, but I'm saiving the brownies until my actual anniversary! :) I love you guys! 

Ældste McBride

P.S. I'm probably going to buy some Eccos in the hope that they last through the second year. Also I think I need to pay a ticket that I might have gotten back in Odense. There's been problems with missionaries being allowed to visit Denmark after the mission and I don't want any of those haha :)

Proof that I fought zombies!

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 Cows Are Gross

Kære Familie,

Hey that's awesome that the magazines got to you guys! That was a really fun experience haha! Basically we said yes to being interviewed as soon as we met the guy, then we asked President and he said that we needed to be media trained so then we got a 4 hour training on how to do stuff with media from a member who is assigned to that, and then we did the interviews! I really made sure I was cheesing in the pics huh, nobody wants to join a sad church! Speaking of that, I got a phone call from Elder Vance a few days ago and a guy came to church last sunday because he read the article! He sat in the back all of sacrament meeting and then came up and introduced himself to Elder Vance! How sweet is that? He really plays up the fact that we're americans so thats pretty funny!

Ældste Magleby and I had a really awesome week! We've been really blessed to have some great experiences finding people. Holbæk is like the Jehovas Witness capital of scandinavia or something so basically everyone thinks thats who we are when we knock on thier doors haha. It's nothing new but especially here we have just tried to rely alot on being sent to the people that will be open! We also went to do service for this investigator out on a farm! Elder Magleby said usually its just like moving furniture or cleaning up or something but not this time! Hahaha we got there and she handed us each a big pair of boots and then showed us how to clean up cow poop in the stable! Cows are really gross but I thought it was really really funny! There was like 40 cows maybe. So while you guys were buying your designer cupcakes we were just shoveling crap hahaha! ;) the things you do on missions man. I think i handled myself pretty well for a city boy! I also drove in like a snowstorm, that was wild! It just started coming down way hard one night and I was driving. I think I handled myself pretty well for an Arizona boy haha! It snowed a little bit yesterday too but its mostly melted now. We also had zone conference this week so that was fun to see some old buddies! My son Elder Ericksen came back!! 

That's so crazy that Eric got to see Sam, you guys must feel soooooo jealous haha :) I had a bunch of stuff from your email that I wanted to comment on but then I got to the last paragraph.... I can't believe you sold Stacy. I was only one year away...Did you tell the new owners the name? I even got a couple members in Århus to name their cars because I named Stacy. I'll miss that thing! Our cars name in Holbæk is Melanie the Mervina. She's got character but not as much personality as Stacy. Oh well I guess I've just got to move on...

I love you guys!! Have a great week!

Med Kørlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride  

P.S. Thank you so much for the package! I went all out with it! Also will you say thanks to aunt Lynne for the package she sent! There was some great stuff in there! :)