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Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Sun, Surf, and Sand!

Hello Family,

Man what a perfect week it was to take a vacation! It's nice to really use the perks of being out for a year because I had so many vacation days saved up!! Elder Magleby and I took the whole week off just to enjoy it! WE LOVE SPRING BREAK! 

We were really lucky because the weather was perfect so the first part of the week we spent some time at the beach, then we just got to take it easy! We had good food, walks in the park, beautiful drives through the Danish countryside, and even got to go to a special Easter Concert in Copenhagen! It was so fun! We took a lot of pictures so I'll just include those with some good captions! 

But hey now its back to work this week! With all the rest we've had and our fresh tans we're ready to go! Hope I don't make you too jealous by how great my Spring Break was!! Love you guys!!

Ældste McBride

Reflections on a wall made out of rocks #SpringBreak2016

When you're on vacation you can eat whatever you want for lunch! Brownies and Ice Cream Yum!

I love the sun on the pier!
Just a casual ukuele day on the beach!

Can't forget the fly glasses while driving
Pretty Drives
Checking out a kite surfer!
Chillin w Elder Magleby
When your tie perfectly matches the flower path in the park! #Lucky #Springbreak

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