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Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 Just Some Thoughts

Dear Family,

I didn't really have anything that I especially wanted to write about today, but then I read Sam's letter and Mom's letter and that made me think of something to write about. (by the way this keyboard is lame and won't capitalize things very easy, so forgive the tiny letters haha) it fits in with what sam was saying about progress and what mom said about sunday school. 

Why is it important that we do the simple things of the gospel? Because those simple things lead to huge progress. Simple habits yield incredible results. It's hard for someone who prays regularly not to see Gods influence in their life and feel grateful. He really does hear and answer our prayers. I know that because I've experienced it. If you read the Book of Mormon 30 minutes a day, you will read it cover to cover in under 2 months. I know that because I've tested it. If you go to church and hold the sabbath and use that day for greater learning you will understand more and more of the truth and feel closer and closer to God. I know that because I've felt it. (i think I figured out the keyboard)

So now why is truth important? Why does it matter what the scriptures say or that commandments exist or anything about doctrine matters? I think that it is because truth gives us the greatest opportunity for progress. Truth gives us the perspective we need to make right choices. Elder Weese and I had an opportunity this week to have a casual discussion with someone who is very skeptical about religion over a meal at her mom's house. She was trying to put it down, but Elder Weese and I just started testifying. I said that the reason you need something more than just science is because science changes, the science of today doesn't even kind of resemble the science of a 1000 years ago, or 100, or even 5. I had a man tell me once that he believes science has a pretty good explanation for just about everything.  I'm quite certain some alchemist or doctor or scientist in the 800s probably said something similar. I said that we need God because he gives us truths that never change, ways to live our lives, so that we can always progress, help others, and be happy.  Sunday School and scripture study isn't just some new temporary fad that's good for you because the researchers nowadays have proven it.  God has suggested that we do them from the beginning of time. They can't be proven to give a different or opposite result in 5 years like the latest superfood or the newest thing that causes cancer. Truth is important. The girl we were talking to seemed to soften a little bit when we presented a logical argument, but then started naming off a bunch of negatives with religion. When she was done we responded that we're not here to defend religion in general, because countless awful things are done or have been done with religion as the cause.  We were here to help others find the truth and we believe that The Church of Jesus Christ really is the truth.  If we truly learn and do the teachings of the Church, it will help us to expand our perspectives, grow in our love, and be happy. That's a fact. I know it because I've experienced it. The girl was really touched, I think. She wasn't willing to try herself yet, but we could see that a little change started in her. 

Anyways keep doing the little things!
I love you guys! 
Ældste McBride

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 Oh Shoot, We're on Facebook

Dear Family,

Belize sounds incredible! That picture of you two holding a shark is so cool! You guys are pretty cool parents by the way! I don't think there are so many elders that get emails of thier parents skiing one week and scuba diving a different week! 130 feet is crazy deep. 5 dives in 2 days is a ton! What was the deepest we went that one day in Hawaii? 70 feet? That's so cool wow! Man, I'm expecting some cool adventures some day when I get home! 

Things here in Holbæk have kind of slowed down, but sometimes that's just how things cycle. We're really hoping and praying for someone we can help to make big steps forward soon. It's been a little while. We had a pretty funny experience this week! We were on splits in Slagelse with the zone leaders and they both needed to go to an appointment, so Elder Weese and I were left to go knock on some doors way out in the Danish countryside.  There weren't very many houses and nobody was home. We did that for a while walking down the road and eventually we realized that there were two ladies watching us from a ways down the road who didn't answer. They came driving up in their car, rolled down their window a teeny tiny little bit, we're talking maybe an inch and asked if they could help us. We introduced ourselves and then they got all nervous and told us that they put us on Facebook because of our mysterious behavior. The funny thing was because they talked so fast and half switched into really bad English when they found out we were American, we thought they asked us first if we had a Facebook and then I thought they said mythical behavior instead of mysterious or suspicious, so that was a little funny. It ended with them driving off saying that they would share us on Facebook or something if we didn't leave haha.

So look out your mythical behavior might also be shared on Facebook! :)

I love you guys, Belize sounds epic! I've been cruising through the war chapters, so its pretty cool that you guys get to check out the real places! You're awesome!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste McBride

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 Hello Family

Dear Family, 

Today we are running a little short on time because Elder Weese had to go take his language test, which you have to do to live in the country! So even though I didn't really think about any super good stories to share I'll do my best to tell y'all how the week went! 

My new companion, Elder Weese, is from Brigham City, Utah and he is a blast!! He really is a ton of fun and we had a great start! He was a crazy good snowboarder before the mission so it's pretty fun to dream about days on the slopes! He's about 6 months in the land, so the same age as Elder Magleby was when I showed up in Holbæk so I got a little bit of time on him haha! He's a hard worker and really eager to improve so it's been great to have him help me with all the personal improvement goals and such! Did I tell you guys about all my yearly goals and stuff? They're pretty sweet. I took New Years Resolutions to another level and here we are in April and I'm still working on them! Holbæk has had just a beautiful past couple days and it's been really fun! I'm excited for the rest of the transfer! 

By the way mom the shoes came! Thanks! The reason there hasn't been pics lately is because my camera ran out of battery and I couldn't find the charger, oops! I'll try to borrow some of the pics Elder Weese took!

I love you guys! Have fun in Belize!

Ældste McBride

Classic Car Pic--Sorry, I should have rotated it.

Melanie (Max names cars) Out in the Forest

Big Old Church in Holbaek

Monk Carved into a Tree

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 Hello, Hello!

Kære Familie,

Transfers duh duh duhhhhhhhnnnnn....I'm staying!!!! But Elder Magleby left! We got the calls Saturday morning and he's packed and gone today! Crazy how fast it all happens. We were surprised, we thought we were staying together.  We almost forgot it was transfer calls until about an hour before! It's too bad, we made a really good team, crushed some great goals!  I am staying here in Holbæk for at least 6 more weeks and my new companion is Elder Weese.  I picked him up from the train station a couple hours ago so I don't know him very well yet, but he seems like a really good guy! Excited and ready! He's been in the land for 6 months and this is his 2nd area, so its pretty exciting for him. It's weird because I'm suddenly a very old missionary even though I'm barely at a year. That is just how it works I guess!

I'm excited for another transfer here.  Things are doing really well! I'll turn 20 years old here in this little town! I've been feeling much too adultish lately. A few days ago I started making a list of countries of people that I've known since I became a missionary. After I expanded it out to people who I've shaken hands with and had a long enough conversation to remember who they were, it was almost 60 countries.  That's pretty amazing if you ask me! Conference was really great, those are some of the best examples in the world. I was able to see all but the Sunday afternoon session, so I didn't get the chance to see Elder Holland! I'm sure it was awesome. I think I'll have to go with Cole and say Uchtdorf's talk was one of the best!

I love you guys! Keep being awesome! :)

Ældste McBride

This was our district! Left to right, Sister Williams, Sister Haag, Elder Magleby, Elder Halling, Elder Thurman! As you can see I really let district leadership go to my head.