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Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015 Heyyyy

Hi mom!

I don't have a ton of time today to write because tomorrow we're going to Farup Sommerland which is like an amusement park so it should be a great P Day! Also I'm  writing sunday night because the bus leaves early in the morning so we skipped dinner to write but don't worry I'm told that is approved hahah! 

The craziest part of this week was saturday. It was Karneval the city of Aalborg's version of the parties in Brazil! From literally 7 in the morning throughout the whole day there was loud music and drunk people and costumes! Think halloween but instead of kids in cute costumes collecting candy it was adults in not so appropriate costumes collecting lots and lots of beer! I say you should look it up but I'm also nervous about what will pop up hahah. People pushed around strollers full of alcohol. I'll send a pic next week of the aftermath but I don't have time today! I ran over some glass which destroyed my bike tire and so throughout the day I had three flats but at least now I know how to fix flats haha. My bikes name is now Mira short for mirakel which means miracle hahah. Missionary work was insane that day but we visited M--- who is a recent convert and is an absolute inspiration to me! Visiting him is my favorite part of being a missionary! 

I got in touch with Sam so I know he's doing well! I love you all!

Ældste McBride

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Ok I'll start by answering your questions! 
1. I'm holding up good! Missionary work is actually way fun!
2. My 2nd Sunday, I had to give a talk på Dansk! All the missionaries had to give short little talks and I stood up and gave a 3 minute talk on relying on God! It was a little scary but I'm told I have way good Danish for a greenie and all the members told me after they were way surprised because they could understand what I was saying so that was a way huge victory for me! 
3. My mailing address in Aalborg is 
Herluf Trolles Gade 34,3 tv 
9000 Aalborg, Denmark
4. My birthday package did catch up to me when we went to zone training in Århus and then Ældste Bateman and i had splits with the ZLs after so I was able to share some prized American oreos with that appartment! they live in a 4 elder appt. but then we rushed the next morning to leave so I may have accidentally left it in Århus and will get it in a few weeks :) It was really nice and I jumped for joy at the taco seasoning!
5. There are 6 missionaries in Aalborg in 3 apartments! Sister Reed, Sister Williams, Æ Bateman and I, and then Æ Hafen (our DL) with Æ Gudmondson! We are with each other at church, some eating appointments, and sometimes with the sisters for lessons!

Ok this week went really good! We found my bike that was stolen!! We were walking along and Æ Bateman says "hey that looks like your bike" and it turned out to be my bike and we stole it back and now I have a bike again! It does rain a lot here but I don't mind because it doen't rain hard really it's more like a misty rain and so I'm fine in just a sweater! This week we taught our friend A--- in the hospital again! We also taught these two atheists who are studying to be religion teachers who are firmly set in the opinion that you can't prove God exists but also that you can't prove He doesn't exist so we just kind of talked in circles for a while but at least it was in English! We also taught a girl named C--- who is a normal college student who has been taught for a long time and we're pretty sure knows its all true but has never been able to really take the leap so we have high hopes for that!  Besides that we had two splits this week one with Æ Gudmondson which was way fun because he's only three months in the land so between the two of us we don't understand a whole ton of Danish! We knocked doors for like 3 or 4 hours straight and had a lot of really funny experiences! Sadly not a whole lot of spiritual or finding experiences but you never know who will answer the door! Even a very very large hungover old lady without pants might answer! My splits with Æ Wright, the ZL was really fun too. All we really did was contact but we had a couple of really good convos with people, often Jehovas witnesses. First thing they should teach danish missionaries is the question "er i jehovas vidner?" Are you jehovah's witnesses because we get asked that all the time! We were talking to one who said he's read everything about Christ and I whipped out a Mormons Bog lightning fast and said well have you read this? Its all about Christ! He took it and said he'd read it but thats in Århus so I won't know if anything happens. Besides that this week we just had a lot of potentials fall through but oh well, the area is still on the way up and i feel like something big is coming.

It's crazy that Diana is married! In Danish poison and to marry is the same word so thats the optimistic Danish thought of the day hahah! Tell them congrats from me! Also party planning sounds like a perfect job for you Mom! that would be really fun! 

I'm so excited for Sam! He's almost through the hardest part of the MTC! I've been praying really hard for him and I hope he got my gift I left for him! What is his mission email? Just samuel.mcbride@myldsmail.net? Anyway he's going to be a stud because he already knows how to work hard!

Ok well that's about it I'll add some pictures with some captions! I just want to say I love you all and I hope everything is going great back at home! I love seeing pictures of you guys every week! Also with Sam I don't mind if you send all the happenings back home to us in one email and then if you have something individual you want to add you can send that too!

Jeg elsker i,
Ældste McBride

There are giant fields of bright yellow flowers in bloom right now so the Aalborg missionaries took a quick frolick break!
Danish pastries are absolutely insanely ridiculously good.  One is chokolade trekant (chocolate triangle)
 and the other is a smorkant I think, which is like "butter wreath" translated or something.
ya Modest Mouse is coming Arhus so way jealous of that!
Also Royal Bloods is coming and Muse is coming somewhere in Denmark!

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 Arrival in Denmark: Planes, Trains, Audi R8's, and Bikes (Stolen)

It was so fun talking with you all yesterday! I wish I could have heard my brothers' talks! Cole is such a little stud and Sam is going to be a wonderful missionary! The first week in the land has been great! the name of my first area is Aalborg by the way (pronounced all bore)

I'll try and explain a little bit better about my day to day life really quickly right now! So we wake up at 6:30 every morning and jog down to the fjord by our apartment which is crazy pretty and then we go to this workout park thing with a bunch of weird bodyweight workout epuipment things which is pretty funny and not very effective! Then we go home,  which is an apartment on the 4th floor which I think makes it tied for highest apartment in the Mission woohoo! We have a bedroom, a tiny kitchen, bathroom, and an actually pretty big living room/study area! It's really nice compared to what I've heard about some other apartments. Then we study for about 3 hours until 11 and we go out for a few hours. Usually we come back around 1 for lunch and then I do language study for an hour and then we're out again til dinner and then out again til 9 when we have to be home. Out just means contacting on the street, knocking doors, stopping by peoples apartments, or hopefully teaching lessons!

The Danish people are really nice but they are for the most part completely apathetic about religion! On the train to Aalborg I made friends with some college students sitting close to us and they were totally happy to talk to me until I explained I was a missionary and then they stiffened up but oh well! About half the lessons missionaries teach here are to non-danish people living in Denmark. The members here are really awesome! including the one that picked me up in an Audi R8 from the train station haha! Church was really tough though because I couldn't even get the main ideas really out of any talk or lesson! The language is coming really well though! Ældste Bateman is a great teacher! Lots of Danish people say "you're name's batman?" when they meet him which is pretty funny.

Anyways I don't know how to send pictures from here yet but next week I'll do a lot! I love you all so much!

Ældste McBride (My name is pretty funny to hear Danes say! hahaha Ældste Mackbreed is what it sounds like)

With his trainer, AEldste Bateman and President and Sister Sederholm
Vi ses MTC group!
Ya this place is real! Nyhavn!
Just arriving to the apartment in style no big deal!
Me and my first Danish Kroner! Its like 7 kroner to 1 USD or something
Just a usual gorgeous Danish street!