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Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 Hello Family

Dear Family, 

Today we are running a little short on time because Elder Weese had to go take his language test, which you have to do to live in the country! So even though I didn't really think about any super good stories to share I'll do my best to tell y'all how the week went! 

My new companion, Elder Weese, is from Brigham City, Utah and he is a blast!! He really is a ton of fun and we had a great start! He was a crazy good snowboarder before the mission so it's pretty fun to dream about days on the slopes! He's about 6 months in the land, so the same age as Elder Magleby was when I showed up in Holbæk so I got a little bit of time on him haha! He's a hard worker and really eager to improve so it's been great to have him help me with all the personal improvement goals and such! Did I tell you guys about all my yearly goals and stuff? They're pretty sweet. I took New Years Resolutions to another level and here we are in April and I'm still working on them! Holbæk has had just a beautiful past couple days and it's been really fun! I'm excited for the rest of the transfer! 

By the way mom the shoes came! Thanks! The reason there hasn't been pics lately is because my camera ran out of battery and I couldn't find the charger, oops! I'll try to borrow some of the pics Elder Weese took!

I love you guys! Have fun in Belize!

Ældste McBride

Classic Car Pic--Sorry, I should have rotated it.

Melanie (Max names cars) Out in the Forest

Big Old Church in Holbaek

Monk Carved into a Tree

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