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Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 Oh Shoot, We're on Facebook

Dear Family,

Belize sounds incredible! That picture of you two holding a shark is so cool! You guys are pretty cool parents by the way! I don't think there are so many elders that get emails of thier parents skiing one week and scuba diving a different week! 130 feet is crazy deep. 5 dives in 2 days is a ton! What was the deepest we went that one day in Hawaii? 70 feet? That's so cool wow! Man, I'm expecting some cool adventures some day when I get home! 

Things here in Holbæk have kind of slowed down, but sometimes that's just how things cycle. We're really hoping and praying for someone we can help to make big steps forward soon. It's been a little while. We had a pretty funny experience this week! We were on splits in Slagelse with the zone leaders and they both needed to go to an appointment, so Elder Weese and I were left to go knock on some doors way out in the Danish countryside.  There weren't very many houses and nobody was home. We did that for a while walking down the road and eventually we realized that there were two ladies watching us from a ways down the road who didn't answer. They came driving up in their car, rolled down their window a teeny tiny little bit, we're talking maybe an inch and asked if they could help us. We introduced ourselves and then they got all nervous and told us that they put us on Facebook because of our mysterious behavior. The funny thing was because they talked so fast and half switched into really bad English when they found out we were American, we thought they asked us first if we had a Facebook and then I thought they said mythical behavior instead of mysterious or suspicious, so that was a little funny. It ended with them driving off saying that they would share us on Facebook or something if we didn't leave haha.

So look out your mythical behavior might also be shared on Facebook! :)

I love you guys, Belize sounds epic! I've been cruising through the war chapters, so its pretty cool that you guys get to check out the real places! You're awesome!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste McBride

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