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Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015 Dishes for Days

Hej Familie! 

I never know what to title emails so that random sentence is in reference to some service we did for the ward. They had this huge, fancy party for the adults which involved multiple courses and the missionaries were basically the waiters haha. I ended up washing dishes for no joke like 3 hours hahaha. It was actually more fun than you could ever expect! Æ Hafen and i made a game out of how fast we could wash dishes and we got our speed to approximately 7 seconds a plate! It was pretty crazy!

Probably the biggest story this week was that on tuesday we were stranded at the very south of our area for a little while! We had an adventure trying to find this person who ordered a book of Mormon online this week! We had to take a bus to the very south of our area but the stops name that we got from the bus plan website was "wave to get off" but in Danish so it wasn't really a stop and we didn't realize the meaning until we missed it. Then we walked a couple miles to this persons house through woods and farmland! One of our investigators was there already with the person who ordered the book which was crazy! He said that she could meet with us with him in his apartment in the city! But because of the delay we missed the last bus home! We walked a ways to this little town and then all the way to this other town just through beautiful Danish countryside! wanted to hitchhike but Æ Bateman said no hahah. Eventually a member came and picked us up but it was pretty crazy. I thought hitchiking would have been epic but thats "against the rules" or something! 

Yesterday we did an English Fast which means that Æ Bateman and I only spoke Danish the whole day! It was tough but not as tough as I thought it was going to be! I've been really lucky to pick up the language so fast! We both each only broke for maybe a few words the whole day until we stopped by a potential we had and he let us in! We taught a lesson in English and he said he'd like to continue meeting but just after he's back from summer vacation! Ahhhh so close. We keep finding people who would like to learn more just in a couple weeks, or in August, or with missionaries in Aarhus after he's done moving (That was actually way legit, we were walking into M---'s building and this guy said "Hey! i'm a huge fan! and pulled a book of Mormon out of the car! He told us how exciting of a read it was and how he'd like to learn more but he's in the process of moving so we gave him those elders info and got his! Pretty crazy!) But point is we are so close to a breakthrough holy cow! 

A couple other random things! I can now successfully bike without hands. I scored a goal in soccer by heading it in from a corner kick (super lucky!). I have received a few nicknames from other missionaries including Garbage Man because of my rebounding ability in basketball and I'm told I resemble the Bear from Jungle Book? don't know exactly what that means but pretty funny. Æ Hartmann the new Elder is crazy good at basketball, he can dunk so thats super fun. 

It's pretty great being a missionary because you can just talk about scriptures with people everyday! My understanding of them has skyrocketed and hopefully will continue to do so! We meet the new President and his wife on Friday! I'm excited to meet the man who I'll be serving under the next few years! A lot can happen to a whole mission in just two years and it starts with him! I love all of you so much! Be good to the missionaries in the ward! If they give a good spiritual thought or something send it my way I might be able to use it ;)'

Meget Kærlighed Hels
Ældste McBride

This is a pic of us in this teeny tiny little town 2 hours from home after we found out we missed the last bus hahaha
This ones for the kids! Pretty epic street art huh?
This is what part of the road to that persons house looked like! Straight out of a fairy tale!

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