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Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 Young Guns Off with a Bang!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I really don't think there's a way for me to send ya anything but just know I'll by you some awesome pastries someday when we visit Denmark! I'm writing from this awesome music library in the middle of Odense so its a very Andy McBride environment! There's just vinyls everywhere, temptation is strong. I hope you had a rocking birthday! Love ya!

Ældste Lee and I have had an excellent first week together. The missionary that I'm replacing here worked really hard with Æ Lee so the area was already in great shape! I was very worried I'd go to a stuck kind of area and have to try and kick it into gear again but thats not the case. We've been finding a lot and have had some decent success at the doors trying to find people who are searching. I mean who could deny these young, attractive boys (just kidding a lot of people can still deny us hahaa)  What was your door approach dad? We've been polishing and polishing our technique and it really does effect success but I always need more ideas! We've also been clearing out any "fluff" from the area which didn't have a lot to start with. I hate fluff, if you're not careful you could spend days stopping by people that are never home/ not interested who talked to missionaries years and years ago. I've adopted the feeling since Aalborg that if I'm going to deal with random stuff its going to be my stuff not like someones from 3 years ago. It's probably a Little hardcore but its just so much better when you feel like what you're doing is your own. It changes the attitude of the Work, everything is jus tmore exciting and effective that way!

There's a woman named I--- who had just decided to be baptized like two days before I got here and so I showed up and have been helping more with the logistics of the whole thing rather than the actual conversion. Just like figuring out what still needs to be taught/done so she can be ready for the day of her baptism which is coming up later this month.  She's so great there is just a sweet spirit every time we meet with her and I'm just lucky to be a part of it. I wasn't a part of finding her or really a lot of teaching but it'll be my responsibility to really get her Integrated in the Ward as a new member which I'm so excited for! The Island of Fyn has two Wards and 12 missionaries and is just on fire with missionary Work its really exciting.

Ældste Lee and I have been learning a ton together. We think we got put together because we need to grow up really fast because the mission is getting crazy crazy young. There's like 27 new missionaries or something coming in over the next two transfers which means we'll be old here really soon. Our Danish skills have really had to step up with out any much older comp safety net and just handling ourselves out here has been an awesome experience! We're pretty committed to learning as much as we can this transfer which is only 5 weeks instead of 6. We're treating it as like a sprint to be ready in case one of us has to train soon. Its been super fun! Mom we need recipes that are simple and take less than an hour to make! Without Æ Bateman as head chef my cooking skills have dropped hahah.

We had a great experience earlier this week. We were out stopping by someone and just as we were getting back on our bikes this old lady yelled to us from her driveway asking if we wanted some soda so of course we followed her right away! As soon as the soda Cans were in our hands it started raining like crazy hard and so we sat under this canopy chatting with this woman drinking soda. She wasn't interested at all in the gospel but loved giving us tips on how we could better use body language and stuff when we're knocking on doors. We finished our sodas and it stopped raining so we biked home totally dry. It felt kind of like God saying "don't worry buddy I got you, have a soda and a chat instead of a cold, wet ride home." It was just awesome!

Anyways I love all of you and I hope you adjust back to real life from paradise real quick!

Ældste McBride

P.S. my camera ran out of battery so no pics :(
P.P.S We live right on the gå gade so you should look that up!

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