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Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 En dejlige dåb

Hey familie guess what? I---'s baptism was awesome! more on that later! I'll try and answer all your questions first!

First off mom that sounds pretty much like your dream job! I hope that ends up being as perfect as it sounds! Also Cole sounds like he's just crushing it at Fremont he wrestles, playes football, swims, and plays water polo? Tell him if he's ever tired or worn out to just think about how buff he's going to be by the time I get home! Isaac way to go on the talk little man thats awesome! Dad as usual hogging the mic haha ;)

Question time:

1.  How do you like living in the city?  Is it a non-stop pace?  Do you love it or does it wear you out?   I love that you live in cities with Art in public spaces.  Do you see much of that, Sam?  Or is most of your public art graffiti?

The city isn't really big but there are a lot of different places to go which is nice, so we can mix up where we work, but for the past week there has been a festival on our street with concerts every night that are super loud so we've been running on very Little sleep haha but I love it!

2.  What do you have in your kitchens?  Do you have a toaster?  A blender?  A mixer?  A crock pot?  Would you want one?

This kitchen has a toaster and a microwave. None of that other fancy stuff. Actually I'm in need of measuring cups like maybe some of those collapsible ones or whatever because I've been estimating amounts for almost everything I bake but its been turning out ok anyway so thats pretty good! 

3.  Do you eat most of your meals at home?  How often do you get fed by members?  

Yep!  Most of the meals are at home but when members feed us they feed us a lot. It just depends on the week/if people are on vacation type of thing. We'll be at a bunch of members houses this week which will be really nice! My meal plan is basically chicken or beef on buns or tortillas, and then fried rice. I make really really awesome Nutella no bakes though (yes I'm bragging)

4.  What's your favorite thing you are studying right now?

I've been studying the life of Jesus Christ lately and its been really enlightening and I've been taking it really slow through the new testament so I can really chew stuff over.

Ok, this week I got to go on splits with a kid from Mountain View High School, yep that's right. John Smith Gardner. If thats not a Mountain View name, I don't know what is haha. He got to the land about 4 weeks ago so he's totally fresh. He's in my old district but serving up in Frederickshavn. He graduated just a couple months ago, pretty crazy. We had a lot of fun and a couple pretty good experiences. He knows and has a crush on Olivia Johnson.  I thought that was hilarious.  You'll have to tell Olivia hahahah.  Man funny stuff.  I basically just got to goof with him about Mountain View and play the "did you know so and so?" game. Super funny!  They were in town on unplanned splits because they were sleeping over before mission conference.

An area Seventy, President Dyches came and spoke to us and it was a pretty great learning experience. Still trying to figure out how to implement everything into our day to day work, but its getting there. It was really fun too because we were together as a whole mission, which meant I got to see the Aalborg missionaries again and the people from my MTC group!

I---'s baptism was on saturday!  At 73 years young she became a member of Jesu Kristi Kirke af Sidste Dages Hellige just 4 months after missionaries knocked on her door. She is amazing!  Just so so ready and loved everything we missionaries have taught her!  So back to back weekends I got to be a witness to a baptism.  I'm hoping that's not the only time I get to say that on my mission, but I've got to say it felt incredible!  Ældste Lee gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and everything is just great. It was the finish of what I've called the young gun sprint, because things have been crazy the past two weeks trying to get everything together and a bunch of unforseen challenges popped up with putting together a baptismal service that got all cleared up basically the day before. It's been stressful and fast but we stumbled through the finish line and had a beautiful baptism!

Wooooooh I love ya'll! Have an (word other than awesome because I overuse that like crazy) week!


Ældste McBride

Happy Baptism Day, I---!

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