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Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015 Sorry About the Late Letter

Ok here is the real letter! Yesterday we spent all day traveling to København to take a language test to prove we're ok to stay in Denmark. It was super easy but it took forever to use public transport to get there and back and it kind of just shot our P day! So because of that we only got on email for like 15 minutes and all I was able to was read everything before we had to take off! So we're writing today to make up for it! 

It is so awesome to see Cole and Isaac head off to school. Cole looks about 1000 times cooler than I did starting 7th grade! He's going to have an awesome awesome time. Isaac just looks like his usual goofball self hahaha! I feel like now that they're back in school they should probably have time to write their big brothers! right? yes i think so ;) That read a thon sounds crazy, I don't think I have the attention span to do that! 

Anyway today was just a little bit up and down and all over the place but I'll share the big stuff. On Friday we were doing service and Ældste Lee stepped on a nail. It went all the way through the sole of his shoe and into his foot. The guy whose house we were at drove us to the hospital and after an hour an half wait Æ Lee got well taken care of but its still hurting him everytime he takes a step whcih is really lame. So since that day we've had a lot of time inside which means a lot of time trying to figure out anything to do. I organized just about everything I own, put up some decorations around the apartment, went through the whole area book, finished Jesus the Christ, and read a bunch of scriptures. So ya the rest of friday was inside, Saturday was in Aalborg, Sunday was inside except church, and Monday was in København. It's just really boring as a missionary not having anything to do and its way worse because my companion is in pain but we still have to do stuff and ya I dont know! But Aalborg was so so so so so great!

We traveled up there and I got to see so many people that I've really missed! The most important being of course, ---! She was all smiles and it was so awesome to see her take this giant step. ---, who baptized her, was also just grinning ear to ear. I also got to see my dad, Ældste Bateman, my godfather Æ Hafen and his son Æ Hartmann. We have so much fun when we're all together! My time with them last transfer was just awesome and to be able to reunite for such a great reason was seriously the best thing ever! It was a really special day and there was a wonderful spirit throughout the whole thing! 

I'm going to include a bunch of pictures right now, so hopefully that makes up for the lack of content in this letter haha, but I love ya'll so much!

Ældste McBride

This is the young guns just chilling
This is one of the giant, beautiful brick churches that are literally right outside our apartment! 
This is a weird statue right by the train station in Odense.
There are very strange statues basically all over the place here pretty funny stuff!
And this is another awesome building and part of the flower festival that happened this weekend!
There was this giant flower festival and there were tons and tons of flowers and flower structures
and stuff all over everywhere Pretty crazy!
That is this epic map we put together! (not pretty but very helpful)

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