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Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 Q&A and All About Those Little Victories

1.  What are your current addresses?  Do you get mail at your apartments?  I almost bought some postcards, but then realized I didn't know where to mail them.  And do packages always need to go through the mission office?  Are there always taxes on yours, Max?

We do get letters to the appt. packages should be sent the mission office though so I don't have to pick em up at the post office. I don't have any idea how the taxes work but I know a sister in my last district had to pay to pick the package up from the post office.

2.  How is the language coming along?  Are you feeling more comfortable conversing?  Do you have to use Spanish all the time, Sam?

I'm getting much better at Danish but not at the rate I want too. We don't have very many opportunities right now to have long relaxed convos with danes and ask questions/ get help but reading/listening in Danish is going really well and when I speak its much more fluid but still I need more Words or better yet more Danes to tell me how a Dane would say something, expressions/which Words, pronunciation that kind of thing. Its a miracle because Æ Lee and I haven't had very many times where we couldn't commuincate with people since we've been together.

3.  Where do you go to write letters?  Is it always the same place?  Can you print things or do you just read them?

We usually write in the library but I can usually print stuff in the church once the printer works again. usually I just read and have to write down anything important.

4.  Do you need anything?  How are your clothes holding up?  Your shoes?  Do your feet hurt?

Nope I don't really need anything. My clothes are bare too big for me now hahaha. The Eccos are doing well but I think I need to polish the tips a little.  I dont know anything about shoe care but my feet don't really hurt. We're on bikes like almost 3 hours a day so I don't walk a lot.

5.  Where are my pictures???  I need more Pictures.

Hahaha sorry I haven't been so good here in Odense but I did send you a ton in Aalborg!

Ok thats it for the question/answer session! Your summer vacation sounds ridiculously fun just random adventures all the time! That is so great that you saw Alex I used to read his blog all the time the three months before I left, he really had the right spirit out there! But I gotta say the line "it wasn't so hard to teach and baptize" was pretty funny reading it from this side hahah. I've been out for almost 4 months and will be going to my first baptism this Saturday! The next two weeks are going to be so crazy fun! We have zone training this Thursday in a city called Fredericia and than on Saturday I get to visit Aalborg! Then next Monday and Wednesday we'll be in København for our language test and then a mission conference with the whole mission except Iceland and then that Saturday will be I---'s Dåb! It's going to be an exciting couple of weeks! It will be the first time the mission is all together in about a year!

Besides that we've had a great week. There was a day where we made baby steps with almost all of our potential people and I fixed my bike without any problems. That day came after a pretty long day the day before, its pretty crazy how hot and cold stuff can be out here. We meet with this handicapped member named T---. He's pretty much my hero. He sought out the missionaries himself a while ago and basically he just spiritually charges us twice a week. This last week he said he had a dream about him visiting our families in the US and all of us sitting around the table and him blessing the food. He sends his love to all of you. He's so amazing! I'll try and get a picture with him here soon and I'm going to show him some of the pics of yall here soon!

Thats about it over here! Learning a lot! Loving it!

Med Kærlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride 

Pictures didn't come thru :(

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