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Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 SURPRISE!

Well....I'm in Odense. I got transferred and man we had an insane week! I'll try and explain as best I can but it will probably come out very rambly so just bear with it. I'll start on tuesday. We met with --- for the first time since we got the best phone call ever. She is 100% getting baptized on August 15! Wooooo! She is so great, we basically started making the baptism program with her and she was joking around about what we would do without her as an investigator! It was really really fun! She asked --- to baptize her which is so awesome because he's a member I became really good friends with and he goes out with missionaries to lessons all the time! So we're feeling pretty great and going to get some food with --- and then...duhn duhn duhhhhh the assistants call. They have us put the phone on speaker which means transfer calls usually. They tell us that this isn't transfer calls buuuuut that both Ældste Bateman and I were both definitely leaving Aalborg and that the other two elders would be taking over and to make sure they know the area by next monday (today). That was seriously the craziest mood shift ever. Man it was rough. There aren't enough missionaries coming in right now so more areas had to close and the first ones that go are cities with more than one companionship. So since then we've been on crazy splits with the other elders. We had so much going on so we just worked like crazy to try and track down everyone and anyone that we needed to so that Ældste Hartmann and Hafen wouldn't have to clear out anything and could just focus on the good stuff it was insane and really a ton of fun! I love those guys and I know they'll take good care of Aalborg! Now I'm in Odense its on the island of Fyn which is in between Sjaelland and Jyland! My new companion is Ældste Lee who seems pretty great! He is only one transfer older than me and our DL just hit his year mark and is training someone right now. So basically our district is way young which is super exciting! My brain is running like a mile a minute because of how much we've done in the past few days and now I need to like fully shift focus but its going good! I get to visit Aalborg in a few weeks for the dåb so that will be sweet! 

Everything sounds way fun at home! Cole and Isaac are so awesome! How does the Adventure time song go again me and Æ Hafen were trying to remember? Keep up the sweet adventures I love hearing about them! 

I feel kind of bad because my letters haven't been very spiritual but that's just tough for me to put in words while writing. I'm learning a ton though and especially these past two weeks I've really started to understand what the missionary spirit is as things just started to take off! The gospel is just the happiest way to live! Anyways I love you all!

Med Kærlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride

We were able to slip in a trip to Blockhus Strand which was super fun!
It was our district activity and that place is so pretty!

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