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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 The Great White Whale

Hello Family!
The Great White Whale is the name of the couch Æ Bateman and I found! It is ridiculously huge and pure white and now takes up like half our living room! It took some serious effort to get it up the stairs and then we had to rearrange the entire appartment so it would fit but it was all worth it. I'll start this letter with that great victory! (The thing is fantastic, we literally couldn't stop smiling anytime we sat on it for like 4 days)

This week we had a couple first lessons at the beginning of the week but they can't meet again until August which is too bad. That's kind of been the story with everything lately. Denmark has a really short summer holiday and it feels like everyone just takes off but oh well. Probably the best part of the week was this wednesday. We had set a district goal to get a certain number of potential investigators (phone numbers and addresses basically) from contacting. Æ Bateman and I were a little behind so we set a goal for 3 that day and blocked off a ton of time for contacting and worked on our technique during studies. The very first person we contacted gave us his address! Score! then it started raining and we didn't have any success for quite a while. Then Æ Bateman said he'd buy me a pastry if the next person I talked to turned out to be a potential. The next person I talked to was a very nice, young Danish girl. I started the contact and it wasn't very well done but I was able to basically friendly my way into getting her number and address and also giving her a Book of Mormon. It was really funny because we'd gone prob 2 hours without any positive contacts in the rain! I gave Æ Bateman a chance to redeem himself by getting a potential before the bakery he wouldn't have to buy me one. He got one the last person before the bakery! Double score! We then enjoyed some victory pastries and then contacted some more. We snagged another phone number making 4 a grand total of 4 and man what a day that was! just huge success! The rest of the week was pretty normal. 

Well except Æ Batemans B-day! We went to a restaurant with the other missionaries the day before and then that Sunday we had dinner with this awesome family in the ward where they had like a surprise birthday for him! There was flæskesteg (like this crazy good pork stuff) and basically just tons of classic Danish food! Super fun! 

I've been studying a lot in Jesus the Christ and the New Testament lately and that's been quite the experience. I never realized just how many miracles Jesus performs. It's like he heals somebody and then on the way to another healing he heals somebody just non stop! It's been leading to some good insights about how our Church really does follow the Gospel according to how Christ taught it!

Park City looks crazy fun and I can't believe you waited till we left to go to Yellowstone! what the what! By the way thank you so much for the music! We've had the top 50 playing non stop. So fantastik!

Anywhooze I love all y'all!

Med Kærlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride

the Great White Whale!
We found a sweet hill in the forest and took a rockin picture!
Epic street art! This is really close to our apartment. You should all look up Aalborg street art
 there is stuff like this all over the place here! but this is my favorite one!

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