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Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 I spent time trying to think of a good subject but it just didn't happen. Sorry

All those pictures are so sweet! I definitely want to go to Yellowstone someday! 

Over here we've had an absolutely rocking week! It started on Monday with the dream phone call a missionary can receive! C--- called and said "jeg vil gerne døbes" which for you Americans means she wants to get baptized!!! We set a date for August 15 with her and are just way excited! Her trip to America apparently went just as amazing as we could have hoped! She's been really busy so we haven't had a chance to meet since then but we're feeling pretty great about it! Also we met M---! She's the girl that stayed with a family in Utah for a year! It was way fun talking to her because she was in America during 4th of July, in Park City actually! Her dad was way nice and her little sister was way good at using an Ipad for an 8 year old. She's had all the lessons and a testimony but we're just going to try and help her get involved in the church over here now! We also began teaching M---'s friend M--- and that has been going really really good! He came to church last week! Also at church yesterday M--- brought his family tree! It was this scroll that fully rolled out was the width of the Chapel! So awesome! It was really really impressive! So that has been our week. We've got quite a bit cooking and things are looking really good!

Also this week marks my last week of training! It's pretty crazy but Ældste Bateman and I have seen some just awesome things happen over the past 2 transfers it's just been so great and it's way too bad that we're probably going to get split up. I'm pretty nervous about these transfers because there are just a ton of crazy factors going into them and I feel like everything could get all mixed up but I guess that's just how it goes!

One thing that I really love about serving in Denmark is the crazy amount of cultures we get exposed to! I'll just give 3 examples real quick. In guest class during church we taught M--- in English while he read in Czech while other people were reading in Danish so just like 3 languages flying around. We also taught a man visiting a family member in Denmark who was from Kenya. On the train the Sisters, Æ Bateman and I met a man from New Zealand who is moving back to Australia with his Danish girlfriend and said that he wants to meet with misisonaries in Australia once he gets back. We talked to him for a long time and he told us all about how is father was a white collar criminal so he moved around all over the world as a kid and then his dad disappeared and years later they got in contact again before he disappeared again. It was just an amazing story like better than a movie!

President and his wife visited our apartment and we had interviews with them. It went really well they liked the couch! :) Anyways I think that's about it!  No pics this week because the normal library is closed! I love all ya'll keep on being great!

Ældste McBride  

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