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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015 Travel Plans!

The biggest exciting news of the week was that we got our TRAVEL PLANS!! I can't even describe how exciting it was! It will take about 24 hours to get there from the time we leave the MTC! Monday at 5:30 AM we fly out to Dallas, and then to Heathrow before making it to Copenhagen! London calling baby! We'll arrive in Denmark about 1:00 their time which is 8 hours ahead of us! Another exciting thing is I get to call home while we're in the airports! I'll attach a picture of our specific travel plans! the times are local for whatever airport but then you can know when to expect a call! 

That fieldtrip sounds really fun! I don't remember ours being quite that crazy when we went! I'll definitely look up that talk! Hollands son is coming our last sunday here for devo and I'm super excited because he talked at BYU and it was in that talk I decided it was the right time for my papers to go in so I'm so excited. Also have you found the talk Character of Christ by Elder Bednar? Best talk I've ever heard! 

The Danish district got chosen to be examples for the new missionaries today! Which means we knock on a door and teach an investigator in front of like 40 new missionaries, in english. I don't know how to teach in English hahaha! We think they used our TRC footage to choose us but we're not sure! TRC is when you basically do hometeaching to members that are either from Denmark or served their missions there. Last week we skyped with a girl from Denmark, an actual Dane living in Denmark. So fun and even better we could understand almost everything she said! I can't wait to get there! 

I'll send Sam some MTC tips but the way we packed was awesome and really nice for unpacking so just do the same thing! Also will you send me how much money I have on my debit card? My next P-day won't be until Monday after next but we'll get to skype on May 10!!  Also ya just send that sweatshirt! I might send a few things home right before but our carryons can be heavy and we're going to stack them with our books! I love you mom! Kaerlighed means love by the way! I also love the rest of you and i can't wait to send you all pics from DENMARK!

Jeg Elske I,
AEldste McBride

Thanks for the Cinnamon Rolls we had a cinnamon roll party monday morning and ate all of them! I forgot to get a picture because I don't think so good in the mornings but they were delicious!

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