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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015 This Week's News

Hi Min Mor!

Wow! What a big week for everybody! That's so exciting about Isaac's baptism it really is amazing that he could understand how important that is even as his crazy self! He looked so cute in those pictures you sent! Also Sam going to the temple is so exciting we look forward to going every week here and it is such a blessing! I laughed so hard when I imagined Ike taking his throne in the middle of sacrament meeting hahah that must have been awesome! Also way to go Cole! Good luck in your big game on saturday! With you back I don't think there's any stopping your team! 

So here at the MTC weeks are starting to fly by because we're just in such a routine but there were still some highlights! On monday we got to host for new senior couples which was really fun! I just kept thinking about brother Curran because he must've gone through the exact same process! Senior couples live in basically a hotel on the top floor above the bookstore which was pretty funny to see, they have ice machines in the halls and everything! We called it the MTC Marriott haha. One sister was a solo and had to be about 85 years old, walked very slowly with a cane, and was beginning her 4th mission! Ya 4, it was really inspiring! Also the field opened this week which means I got to throw a frisbee during gym time and play sand volleyball it was so great! Oh also I was released as DL and AEldste Williams (Brown ties) was called which I think is a perfect fit! It means I didn't have to go to leadership training which meant I got to relax a little with the missionaries that just came in last week. They are really awesome and we all have a lot of fun together! They loved the brownies by the way! Thanks so much for that! Will you also thank Emily McBride for me? She sent me a bunch of candy which was sweet!! Also thank you so much for the letter Grandma! I asked my teachers if they had ever served in Soro and they had! They say it is really beautiful and pretty close to Copenhagen! I hope I get to serve there at some point in my mission!

Now to answer your questions! May 5 is our actual departure date! We'll get our travel plans later this week which we are sooooo stoked about! We just want to get over the Atlantic ya feel? Danes almost never have Visa issues because we don't need one to enter the country so theres almost no chance of being reassigned which is pretty nice! Not that being reassigned is all that bad though, reassignments go through the same process that original calls go through so 2 inspired calls is pretty cool. The only thing I think I need is some amoxicillin for my acne because that helps so much besides that I don't really need anything! I'm pretty sure you shouldn't send a disposable phone, I've heard you're supposed to use pay phones and you can buy cards with minutes on them here at the book store! I'm excited to hear all your voices and I'll let you know the exact times I'll be traveling next week so you can be ready for my calls! Laundry is going fine! Can all my pants be machine washed? I wasn't sure if the suit ones could or not. I don't iron haha but maybe I should start.

So I think thats about it. We had an awesome devo last night and the speaker taught about how we need head knowledge, heart knowledge, and spiritual knowledge and how are investigators need the same thing. The way we can do that is by learning the gospel, receiving a confirmation through the Holy Ghost, and then acting on that. It was really helpful and we're going to start using that same pattern to help those we teach! 

Fun Danish word of the week: Rar (sounds like when you do a T-rex impression, I'm sure Isaac could help) and it means "kind" so we've been saying "du er meget rar" all week which means "you are very kind" (meget is pronounced like miyal by the way) Besides Icelandic Danish is the least phonetic language on our whole floor of obscure European languages which is tough but pretty fun!

Meget Kaerlighed,
AEldste McBride

Tie Draft!
Post Tie Draft!
AEldste Nelson ended up with my tie! He's a nord and one of my favorite elders here!
Him and Colton would get along really well!
Elder Nonu and Elder Mereki!

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