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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015 Winter Wonderland at the MTC

ITS SNOWING HERE! Pretty different from your Mexico trip by the looks of it! I'm super jealous of the picture of dad lounging on a bed on the beach I think that's the exact opposite of my life right now hahaha! I would give anything to go Scuba diving right now haha! It was a really great week here at the MTC! Ældste West and I have really started to hit our stride here when it comes to the work! Our lessons our getting simpler and clearer and we're hitting the language hard! I'll send you a pic next week when our flashcards will breaking 1000! Vi har vidnesbyrd af studiere korter ( we have a testimony of study cards)! 

2 pretty funny stories this week! We started matching ties as a zone this week starting with short, fat, ugly brown ties! Every single one belongs to Ældste Williams! He's such a funny Elder! The next day was Paisley day which was much more classy! Then we did blue ties. But ya Williams loves brown ties, we don't understand completely but the only one who wouldn't wear one is his companion who says "he's alwayas cared about fashion and won't stop now" haha Ældste Howes reminds me a lot of jordan schlansky, the guy who Conan O'brien makes fun of on youtube hahaha. They're a pretty funny companionship because they're total opposites! West and I are really lucky we both are trying to be better every day so we're making some great progress! The second funny story is about two elders we've become friends with over the past week! Elder Nonu and Elder Mereki! Nonu is from tonga and Mereki is from the gilbert islands or something like that! They're going to the phillipines so they're learning some philipino language from English and they barely know english! It is pretty incredible! They're super funny and they love us so they tried to sit with us during a devotional and we were talking and laughing and then Nonu says "Oh no we're caught" as his branch president comes up and takes them back to the area for missionaries using translation headphones hahaha. They're great I'll try and send a picture next week! 

Will you please thank Aunt Lynn and Uncle Doug for the cookies! They were so good! Our zone (and our teachers) pounded them! Also will you thank the Magnuses for sending those strawberries it was actually really awesome to get fresh fruit! 

Sam emailed while I was writing this letter so I guess that whole twin thing still works haha!
I'm so excited for Isaac it would've been cool to have Sam baptize him but he'll have plenty of opportunities in then next couple months! Also Cole I'm so proud of you! You are so close jeg ved det du kan gore det! I know that you can do it! (we say that a lot during lessons haha). Anyway our dutch elder and dutch sister left a couple days ago which is too bad because they were seriously the best. But later today we double the elders in our zone! 7 dutchies and 2 icelanders! Us Danes are especially excited because they're technically in our Mission and they're are only 8 missionaries in iceland at any time!

We've also learned more about Denmark from quizzing our teachers and have found that to the Danes happiness means more like contentedness so it won't quite be like going to Disneyland haha. We also learned that one of our teachers never had a bike his whole mission and they're are actually very few Ældster in Kobenhavn! We also learned that when we get there it'll be the perfect time of year and fields will be covered in these super bright yellow flowers! We're so lucky! Hope all is well back home and Ike's baptism goes well! 

Meget Kaerlighed,
Ældste McBride

Preview of Us in Denmark
Brown Tie Day

Elder Bringhurst is the man! He got reassigned to Utica, New York until his visa to the Netherlands goes through! Him and Sister Duncan sang a song in dutch which is a hymn in Europe but not here it translates to "shall we meet across the river" it's a fun song to sing I only know how to sing it in Danish not English!


Paisley Day

MTC Winter Wonderland


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