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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 First News From the MTC

Dear Mom-

Everything is going pretty awesome here!! I hope you got the letter I sent out! They let you send one the day after you get to the MTC to make sure your family knows you're alive haha! My P day is Wednesday which is the hardest first pday because its a full week from the time you get to the MTC but its also the best because its the day new elders arrive which is super fun! The dear elder you sent me really made my day because those things are super popular here and I had never heard of one so I was so surprised to get one! Thank you!

The first day here was a whirlwind! I stepped out of the shuttle and immediately a host (babysitter) started leading me around to different buildings picking up books, nametags, keys, and an id card and then whisked me off to my room where I got the first glance of my new zone which was a little overwhelming because they were so excited for the NEW DANES! The second I put my stuff down I was pulled to my classroom by my host! There I plopped down into what is now my home for at least 10 hours everyday. Our teacher looks like he came straight out of Denmark and the teachers speak literally zero English the first day or really any day since unless we specifically ask what something means. After the strangest class ever we had a tour of the MTC from our zone leaders and got to meet some of our zone. We came into an amazing zone! It includes the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch missionaries. It consisted of 2 Nord elders, 2 nord sisters, 2 swedish sisters, 7 swedish elders, 1 dutchie sister and 1 dutchie elder. They were incredible to us! So amazingly kind and happy we were there but Sunday was our last day with the Swedes and Nords! The are powerful missionaries we heard each of them bear their testimony during sacrament meeting and they are studs. After they left our DL AEldste Howes got bumped up to ZL and I became the new DL. Which sounds important but really just means I pickup the mail twice a day haha. 
My District has four elders and 1 sister, Me, AEldste West (kommerat), AEldste Williams, AEldste Howes, and Soster Ackerman. Min kommerat and I get along really well! He's from Oregon and a super social guy, we lived in B9 together last semester but didn't know each other. AEldste Williams is from a small colorado town and is the most mellow person I've ever met. AEldste Howes is this little guy from North Carolina. I didn't expect it but we laugh all the time in the MTC! Now that we've learned quite a bit of Danish we can talk in a group of people and have only each other understands which is so funny! The combination of little sleep and a lot of learning also make everything really really funny! I honestly love it here! We learn so much and also we see little miracles every single day. West and I have been blessed to usually be on the exact same page when it comes to what were doing or talking about! We're really lucky! The language is learned so fast here, Tungmalsgaven (the gift of tongues) is absolutely real here. Last friday was our first investigator lesson taught in Danish and thursday was the last day we said prayers in English! Sunday night the we did as a full zone was sing the Spirit of God in 4 languages which is seriously the most powerful hymn I've ever sung! Our pronunciation is pretty bad but we all have fun learning it. Today is a great day! We get new Swedes and Nords who will be with us for the next 5 weeks. Its weird being so excited for someone you've never met! 

Anyway I love all you guys and can't wait to hear more about what's going on at home! Have Cole, Ike, and Sam write me if they have time I'd love to hear from them! 

Jeg Elske Jer (I love you all),
Aeldste McBride

Max with Aeldste West (his companion) on the first day

That's our district! West, Me, Williams, Howes.
The whole district
Stretching out Aeldste West's back

The Classroom Board

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