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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8, 2015 News from the MTC

MIN MOR (My Mom)!

Thanks so much for the package! I got it last P Day and I saved the caramel chocolate egg until Easter Night! The pictures were fantastic and seriously made my week especially the sunset from our house! Week 2 at the MTC flew by! Conference was pretty awesome here because everything felt like it could be applied immediately! We sat in an auditorium to watch conference with basically every other missionary in the MTC and everyone had notebooks out and was fighting not to fall asleep AEldste Williams mostly lost that fight hahaha but I did pretty well! The church needs vibrant, thinking missionaries" was the stand out for me! So I've been working on my vibrancy hahaha! Easter here was not as good as at home! Breakfast was cold cereal, lunch was roast beef, and dinner was sloppy joes? Also no pan hiding or riddles so it kind of just felt like a normal average day except for conference.
Also tell Ike thanks so much for the drawings he's quite the artist hahaha!! I can't wait to hear how his baptism goes, at the MTC we get taught everyday how important that is so that's just so cool! That's so exciting for Jack and Jared! There are sometimes when I'm seriously jealous of English missionaries because they can say what they want from the first day! I'm so proud of Cole, what a stud! Can you send me a picture of him all dressed for his game this week? It's amazing how determined he is! I hope Austen feels better, poor kid. Is Sam feeling better after the enchiladas? I'd love for him to send me like a recap of his life and also the Walking Dead this past week! Is he all done with mission shopping? Congrats to you Mom for winning the egg toss! Danny is going to love it at BYU.

So solo missionaries still have a companion, just going to a different mission so she's comps with Zuster Duncan a Dutch Missionary who is totally awesome. Being a solo has some serious plus sides though because you can study as hard as you want and not have to discuss so much what you're gonna do. It's probably more productive but definitely not as much fun. So after the swedes and nords left we had two days where it was just us danes and one elder and one sister dutchie who are both totally awesome! Then we got 3 new nord elders, 1 nord sister, 2 swede elders, and 1 swede sister! So we have one solo sister in each of the 4 missions in our zone which is pretty strange!

Now to answer your questions! I'm adjusting really well to the schedule we have a really nice one for people like me who don't wake up feeling chipper because we have gym in the morning so I'm up for 3.5 hours before class starts which is where I really need to be awake! I do see the sun! Our language teacher Bror Williamson (We have 3 teachers but he's the one most focused on language and also the coolest because he tells us straight up what it will really be like in Denmark which is awesome) anyway Bror Williamson takes us on Vanderingtors "hikes"  whenever we start getting a little to bogged down so we just walk around outside for a little while. The language is coming really well and it has to because this week Mon- Sat we are teaching 11 lessons between 3 practice investigators and then we get to talk with actual Danish people over skype I think! That's tomorrow and I'm crazy excited. 'Held og Lykke"  would be good for a banner! It means Luck and happiness! I don't have time to be lonely in fact Its the opposite! Sometimes a little too much people time haha. The Racquetball has come in handy and I've started to invite games to play with the zone using it so I'll include a pic of that! I can print off your emails, thats what I did this morning but I can only do that on Pday but dear elders can be read any day which is nice, but some elders get like multiple a day which just makes them homesick I think! We go to the temples every Pday and the Provo temple is meget smukke (very beautiful)!

Anyway I think that's it! My testimony is growing really strong because of how much we have to share it and how much we're learning which is really a blessing! I would share more but I don't have time to write a gospel doctrine lesson into one email just know that this really is a spiritual place and the gift of tongues(Tungmalsgaven)  is absolutely real! Also can you please send me my Danish Flag. Fun fact: there's not a word for please in danish so its weird to type it. 
Jeg Elske Jer,
AEldste McBride

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Aeldste Williams in a Sweet Weight Lifting Shirt

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