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Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016 Awesome Week

Kære Familie,

What an awesome week! We had a lot to do this week because we went to all three districts in the zone for district meetings! So we traveled to Odense and then Esbjerg and later in the week, Copenhagen. When I set foot in Esbjerg's church building I completed a huge accomplishment, I have now been to every church building where a ward meets in all of Denmark. Not all the branch buildings but every single ward building. I have been here a while haha. 

I'll jump to stories. You meet a lot of cool people as a missionary. While on the train to Copenhagen I thought I heard these two girls speaking Spanish, turns out it was Italian! They were from Milan and recommended that I visit Venice someday! When we got closer to Copenhagen we got delayed because of track work. They had no idea what was going on so we started translating the situation for them. They were really nice, just on vacation here in Denmark. Then our train got canceled (while we were still in it), so we had to get out and quickly catch the metro train if we wanted to get to Copenhagen at all that night. So we ended up running off of a train, through a station, and onto a different train with these Italian girls and their bikes! It was chaotic, but pretty funny. They were really thankful, I honestly don't know what they would've done if we weren't there haha! I think by the time the metro left we had helped like 10 people figure out that they were now on a train going to Copenhagen. So that's how we made friends with some Italians!

Another story is that one of our investigators told us she was bringing a friend to church this Sunday! Awesome! Then another investigator promised us that she was coming to church this week also with a friend. We were pumped! Then we figured out that they were talking about each other haha. Only one of them came to church, though, 4th week in a row! She told us next week she is going to knock on her friends door until she answers and comes to church haha. Doing our job for us! 

I laughed pretty hard at your story mom! This one senior missionary one time gave us a big rant on that topic haha. The world is a little crazy! Also seeing a BYU game got me pretty pumped! Are they good this year? Cole's hair does look good ;) I'm getting my hair cut today by someone in the ward who has supposedly won some contests in Europe in hair cutting so I'll let Cole be the judge next week! Missions are awesome, you guys are awesome! I love ya!

Ældste McBride

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