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Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 Life Is Good!

Dear Family,

Thank you mom for forcing the little bros to write me! ;) I miss them more than they probably know! It sounds like things are busy and cruising at home! Mom can you believe how long ago we were in highschool? That was like 2 years ago! Crazy Crazy! Tell Grandma I love her and that I got her note! There is a lady in this ward who moved here from Ogden like 50 years ago and she is just the boss of Fredericia ward. Her son is the bishop and she has another son and his family in the ward and she lives literally 20 feet from the church! She reminds me of grandma, just one of those nice Mormon matriarchs with a ton of faith!

This week was awesome, again. Fredericia is great. We started teaching a Lithuanian guy named Goran. I figured dad would be pumped that I found Goran Dragich all the way out here haha! 

We are working hard and also having a ton of fun. We actually attended 2 beach parties this weekend. One for a ward priesthood activity and the other for a stake YSA activity. They were both really fun, we participated as much as missionaries can haha! One thing that made both of them more fun is that we had some really great lessons right before. Things are going really well here! Elder Gardner is hilarious and we get a lot done. We are seeing some great progress with people right now! President O'Bryant's surgery went well. It wasn't too serious but he is recovering well and plans on being back Sept 4th I think! 

But ya, life is cruising. I don't even remember the last time I had a stuffy nose! We ran for an hour and a half with an investigator one morning haha. Then right after we went and played soccer for a couple hours with some members! We were exhausted. We've been seeing some real miracles happen as we show faith in the people we're helping! It's so fun!

Anyways I love you!
Ældste McBride

This time our lesson with him actually did go really well! 

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