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Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 Transfers Again Surprise!

Hey Family,

I love you guys! This morning I got a phone call from president and found out that next Monday I'll be returning to Denmark! I´ll be serving in a city called Fredericia with another elder from Mesa! It will be a lot of fun! We will be the zone leaders there!

This morning we took a sweet trip to see some epic waterfalls with the rest of our district I doubly enjoyed knowing that next Monday I'll be leaving this place. Iceland is so awesome! I'm heading into my 6th area with my 9th companion!

We had such a good week this week! We had an awesome lesson with this really big buff Icelandic wrestling coach and I think he's really prepared! It has been so fun to work here in this town and this branch! For only being here such a short time I sure feel connected to this place! The Lord prepares specific people in every area for you to meet, there are specific lessons that you need to be taught in every place and there is a specific thing you need to do to be part of his work! Its so much fun to have God as your boss, even when it seems like a mistake happens it never does!

Elder Stewart and I tried to record a video of us singing to dad in Icelandic for his birthday! Hopefully it will send! I have a bunch of pictures this week! I love you so much!

Öldundgur McBride

Woah Icelandic nature! Elder Stewart has been a fun companion! Its been really funny to goof around about the Canada America rivalry!  We also play frisbee sometimes in our apartment! This is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland by the way! Gullfoss!

That water is so blue it reminds me of Havasupai!!

I forgot to mention! We went to a pagan ceremony this week! There is this religion on Iceland where they still "believe" in the old Norse Gods like Thor and Odin and stuff. They don't really its more like a movement thing away from Christianity that focuses more on nature and stuff and they believe that you should do good and treat people right for the good karma basically not because there is any real God or sin or anything. That young business casual guy spoke a few words and then passed that horn around for anyone who wanted to say something and then drink out of. We were pretty sure it wasn't beer but we didn't drink out of it anyway haha. I like fast and testimony meetings much much better! :)

Oh look me in a cave on mars!

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