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Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 Welcome to Mars

Dear Family,

Things are still cruising here on Iceland. We're working hard and seeing things progress! Summer sure sounds like a blast at home but I'm definitely in the cooler place ;) We had to drop a senior couple off at the airport and we took a different way home and it seriously looked like we were driving through Mars! Some places here just look unreal! The Icelandic is coming along but can be occasionally frustrating haha!

I still haven't had any "traditional" Icelandic food but I think next week i'm going to buy one of those sheep head things and cook it haha. We did eat at a members house this week and they live in such a sweet place. We drove inland a little ways and got to their house which is in the middle of this valley surrounded by mountains! So sweet! 

I hope you don't get too absorbed in Pokemon haha! I've heard of the game but I don't think I've met anyone that actually plays yet I'll keep my eye out! I love you guys! 

Öldungur McBride

P.S. Happy birthday soon old man ;)

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