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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 This Place is Really Cool!

Dearest Family,
Iceland is just really cool! Mom I got the package on wednesday so it was perfect, right before our fourth of july district activity! Fourth of July is not as fun living outside the states but it is kind of fun just celebrating america when you haven't been there for so long haha. I took some fun pics!
Iceland is very different than Denmark. In a lot of ways its like half european and half american. There are big cars and big grocery stores. The grocery store had full on shopping carts! They seemed ginormous! I missed hanging out at the beach with you all but last wednesday we did something cool for an activity! We did this little hike where we could see a bunch of geothermal stuff with hot springs and steam and stuff up to a naturally heated river at the top! It was really cool!
Also on tuesday we had to go to the danish embassy to work something out so I got to see Reykjavik! That is a cool city! It is so unique! It felt different than any city I had ever walked around in. It's not very big but the buildings are a little tall and just the vibe is cool. It be like walking down main street in park city but right on the beach at the same time. I'm dying to get me an icelandic wool sweater, they look so great! I had a really sweet gift of tongues experience this week! I was asked to bless the sacrament and when I read the prayer it came out in the smoothest Icelandic I've ever spoken! I've been blessed to have specific moments where I can understand or communicate over here. The gift of tongues is real!
Ya that question is definitely a tricky one. How I answer it usually depends on how sincere they are. If someone is really wanting to make a covenant with God then they are willing to be baptized again. Like I--- in Odense when she got baptized it was her third time being baptized but the last time it was a covenant. In the lutheran church people are just dipped in water as babies, there really isn't anything more than ceremony to it. I could go off on the doctrine of baptism and stuff but really if they're sincerely trying to come closer to God I don't feel like making a covenant scares them off!
Dad is going to kill it! He usually does! I hope everything goes well with the car and stuff! Lake Powell will be a blast! :)
√Ėldundgur McBride

My Cool Hike

Elder McBride with some Americana

Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik

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