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Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 Hello!

Hey People!

We had a great week over here in Holbæk!! One of our friends accepted the invitation to be baptized! We're working towards a date right now so that is really exciting! She still has to come to church and some other stuff but hey it is dfinitely something in the right direction! The first few times Elder Magleby and I met with her, she didn't really seem to understand but this time the Spirit was really different and she understood and accepted everything we taught. It was awesome! 

Besides that we've just been having a fun time over here. The weather has been off and on but life has been pretty good! Elder Weese and I are pretty flexible for skype but I'm thinking we will probably skype around 6:00 here which should be 9:00 AM for you guys! It should be pretty fun!! Ya if you want something to count this week I hit the anniversary of the day I landed in Denmark so that's crazy! Weeks are just kind of flying by!

I'll send some good pics here in a little bit! I love you guys! Tell Matt I say congrats and just give Alec a solid fist bump for me!

Ældste McBride

Me Lifting a Heavy Rock
Me taking a break. It's hailing in this picture. It snowed twice last week, it was way weird!
It's a castle that's older than our country!  It had a legit moat.
Cool road up to the castle!
The district visited a 5000 year old burial mound! Epic!

The sisters also brought stuff so that we could make a torch!

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