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Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 A totally fantastik week!!!

This was a wonderful week! Truly! I'm 20 years old now! Holy cow! Ancient! Thank you so much for the package! My favorite type of pens! I was so excited to get tennis balls haha. Cracking open that can brought back a ton of good sport memories! For my 20th birthday I was on splits with Elder Bradshaw in Slagelses area and we had a great day! We did the slagelse tradition and went to Carls Jr. It was a blast! By the way Elder Weese and I are staying here in Holbæk for another transfer! It will be awesome! We have a ton of fun together :)

Later in the week I went on splits with one of the elders in my district! Elder Halling and I had a fantastic experience knocking in a city called Køge! We came to a door that was already cracked open a little bit.(This usually means something interesting will happen) We rang the doorbell and a woman answered and then jumped back like 5 feet because we were definitely not who she was expecting! We scared her so bad that I got scared and then we all looked around just woah haha. After we got it cleared up that we weren't her 6 year old daughter she let us right in! I know "let us right in" isn't the usual response but thats actually what happened! We talked with her and her boyfriend for a while and explained to them what it is we missionaries do and why we do it. Rikke had a million questions but we kept it simple and taught her that she was a child of God, that He loves her and then we taught her how to pray. She asked if prayer could help her stop smoking. We said yes of course. If we pray and then do our best God will help us with what we can't handle. Before we left I said a prayer and then, reading the 3 step guide in the pamphlet, she prayed her first prayer ever out loud. It was an awesome experience!!

I took a bunch of good pics so I'll send those! :)


Ældste McBride

Bday Car Ride...  Woo hoo!!!  20!!!

Yellow Field Time of Year Again

With Elder Bradshaw

With Elder Weese

What Danes think of when I say Arizona maybe?

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