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Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016 Hello!!

Kære Familie,

I sat down to write and realized I hadn't thought at all about what I wanted to write so we'll just see what comes out! Here in Holbæk we've just kind of hit a rhythm and the weeks are flying by. There weren't any really incredible things that happened or anything really that bad this week it was just a very normal week. We have some exciting things planned for next week though so hopefully I'll have some better stories to share :)

One weird thing, I like soccer. Ya I said it. I think soccer is pretty fun and I really look forward to when we get to play it! Hahaha I didn't think ever in my life think I would say that!  Does that mean I've been in Europe too long? Who knows! That is so weird those people were sophomores when I graduated and now they're done! They could get called to Denmark while I'm here! Time flies!

Congratulations Cole way to be a smarty pants! Also Mom remember I wasn't a morning person either haha there is still hope for Ike!! I believe in him!

What are your summer plans anyway? Are you taking any trips? Anything crazy? Happy Summer!! I love you guys!

Ældste McBride

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