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Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

It was delightful to chat with you a couple days ago family! There's something about seeing someone actually smiling and laughing that means way more than letters talking about smiling and laughing! Thank you for that gift! It was good to see that Mom and Grandma are still sweet as ever, Cole and Sam are still studs, and that Dad and Ike are still goofballs hahaha! I got the chance to see a lot of Ike's belly so that was pretty funny haha! Thanks again for all the gifts! I sent one but I'm sure it will get home late! It's for the whole family :)
Also by the way those snowboarding pictures get me really jealous but don't stop sending them haha! And don't worry about sending pants to me! I'll just find some over here, it will be easier and cheaper!
We had an amazing week experiencing a Danish Christmas! Christmas Eve was a blast and singing danish christmas songs is really really fun! The Trapp family that we skyped with has an awesome tradition of tacos for lunch on Christmas day, so in that odd way I felt right at home! We love the Århus ward and the Århus ward loves us! Since the missionaries in the ward have been pretty consistent for the past while some really great friendships have been made. I'm really thankful for that beause I didn't have the chance to really get there in the other two wards I was in with very many people!
Tell Alex congrats on getting married soon! That's exciting! Oh and also it was fun to see Alec and JT and that picture of Colton with long goofy hair, great guys!  Anyway I hope you have a wonderful new year! Make lots of resolutions! Elder McBride and I, we begin our year where we are missionaries the whole time! kind of crazy! I love you all!
Godt Nyt År!
Ældste McBride

Juleaften was with this awesome family! The Kearsley Family! Dad-Kim, Mom-Vanessa, 18 year old twins Camilla and Maria, 16 year old son Nicklas, and 13 year old stud Daniel!
Me about to ring a big bell

Some pretty pics of Århus I took from the top of the Domkirke in the middle of the city!

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