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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 2016!!!

Hey guess what? Ok I can't wait I'll just tell you...Danes go crazy for New Years!  For a certain period of time around New Years its allowed to buy giant fireworks, like real legit ones, and everybody sets them off! From like 10pm til 1 am we could just hear rolling thunder as the fireworks went off forever. It was way sweet! We put all our beds together in the living room so we could look out the glass door and see all of the sweet fireworks! So so so so awesome! Just watching like professional sized fireworks go off literally above your head is a blast!
This week I also got the chance to go on splits with elder Lee in Horsens! We crushed it! it was a ton of fun because now we could both communicate with people and just had soooooo much more experience.  I've been in the land 3 times longer now than when I first showed up in Odense! We had a bomb day and then pretty late at night we met this awesome 20 something year old Dane and had just an awesome conversation with him that led him to being crazy interested and even asking questions like, "If I became a Mormon would..." or "How would I become a missionary?" He is so ready and the best news is that when Ældste Lee texted him the next day he responded immediately by asking where and when they could meet! I think he could go all the way! So awesome to be a part of that! I also got in contact with J___ again, the guy from England, and I still have high hopes for him! Good stuff good stuff! We even got in contact with this less active girl from Azerbajan (google that haha)
Well I hope you all have an awesome New Year! What are your resolutions? Any good ones? Did you get the temple names I sent you? I love you!!
Ældste McBride
p.s. Mom I don't remember if I told you but I gave the Believe banner you sent to Fam Kearsley for Christmas and when they opened the package and figured out what it was, one of the teenage girls was like awww I want to hang it in my room. So you're international now, Momma, way to go!

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