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Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 Hello Family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!!!! 13 years old! Wow!! Way to make it that far! It was like 11:00 at night and I was laying in bed on the 9th and then I remembered it was your birthday so I'm not a bad big bro, just a little slow! But "Happy Birthday Cole" was said all the way over here in Denmark on the right day and everything! You're awesome I love you!

Today is transfer day! The only missionary who left Århus was Ældste Bradshaw. It was kinda sad.  Me and him have become awesome friends over the past 5 months and have made so many awesome memories! (Shout out to Papa Bradshaw! He says you read lots of blogs. You have an awesome son!)  He's going to Slagelse on Sjælland.  In his place we got Ældste Curtis and it's been my job to show him around today because Ældste Vance is pretty sick!  He is really tall and from Alpine, UT!  Seems like a really awesome guy, it will be a fun transfer!  I'm really excited to stay in Århus for another one!  That means half a year hear!  It's been a ton of fun especially lately because we've become such good friends with the members here.  That just makes everything way more fun :)

Now for a fun story. Elder McBride gets on a bus. While getting on he makes eye contact with this girl, they both smile, then a look of confusion crosses the girl's face. Elder McBride sits down and the girl keeps glancing at him. Rewind 8 months, May 5th (maybe 4th or 6th but I'm pretty sure 5th) Elder McBride gets on a train with all his suitcases heading to the city of Ålborg. Being a chatty guy, very excited about Denmark, and wanting to practice his MTC Danish on living, breathing people he starts talking to the people around him. They're all very nice and entertained by this American kid trying to speak their language! Fast forward 8 months to the bus in Århus, Elder McBride stands up, walks over by her and says in Danish "You look very familiar, do we know each other?" She responds with "Yes we met one time a long time ago in a train. I think you had barely gotten to Denmark." Woooooaaaaaaahhhh! They start talking, get off at the same stop, exchange phone numbers, and try and plan a time that she can come see the church building. Elder McBride walks away with his companion, Elder Bishopp, and does a subtle fist pump, 8 month contact complete!

I hope you liked my attempt to creatively write that story! It was pretty epic that we recognized each other from that long ago and way more fun that this time it actually went somewhere hahaha good experience! 

Well I love you all a lot, especially you today Cole!!
Med Kærlig Hilsen

Ældste McBride

Oh and one more thing! The Kearsley Family who had us over for Christmas is planning a big trip to the US in 2017 and I volunteered our house as a stop. I'm letting you know because sometimes Danes think Americans say things like "Oh you can visit and stay with us" but that we don't really mean it, but I meant it so I figured I should let Mom know haha :) Love ya!

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