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Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Beverly Hills, Thats Where I Want to Be!

Dear family,

I could be a tiny little bit famous...but more on that later. (gotta build that suspense right?)

Unfortunately, no nothing more with the story from last week, but that's just how it is. This week was actually really tough but it ended on a good high note! Elder Bishopp and I looked a lot last week at what our area needs and what it really needs is some people to teach, so we set our goals accordingly with just lots of time to go out and talk to people. Monday and Tuesday started and we're feeling pretty good, doing ok having some solid conversations, even met a South African girl on the bus who seemed really interested! Then Wednesday morning I woke up feeling kinda sick after district meeting and so at lunch I decided to just throw up and get it over with. So I did that and felt a little better. Then after a while I was just feeling way light headed so we went home and I slept all through dinner and then we went and took care of some things we had to and then as soon as we got home I went straight to bed. Luckily by the next day I was feeling better, but that wasn't so fun.

Now for the actually awesome story. Sunday, Sundays are great days. Church just refreshes me and it's even better now because I have so many awesome friends here in Århus now! So we're out it is 8:50 at night which sometimes feels like you're just taking an obedience walk because there is not so many people out, and by then it has been dark for over 4 hours haha but we see this girl and start talking to her. It starts out pretty normal and then she says "Hey I just read about you guys!" really excitedly, so we respond with "Mormons? No way? Where?" and she says, "Ya yesterday I saw that artikel about you *pointing at me*!"...So a few months ago Ældste Vance and I while on splits were approached excitedly by this guy who lived in the states, knows about Mormons, and works for a magazine here in Århus. He brought us to his office where he set us up an interview with one of the journalists! So Ældste Vance and I, a couple weeks later, got interviewed, had pictures of us taken, and even contacted with a photagrapher! The artikel is pretty positive and it's published in a free magazine that is in shops and the train station and stuff every couple months! It's pretty cool I won't lie.

Mom and Dad both your jobs sound pretty fun! I am a very proud son that helped train his father well enough to hit a goalie shot through 5 defenders.  That was a lot of long, rough games through all hours of the night, but I'm happy it all payed off! Mom I don't know what any of the decoration stuff means really, but it sounds like a ton of work based on the help you called in. Wow! Great job!

I love you all!

Med Kærlig Hilsen
Ældste McBride

Max looking pretty amazing in the cool Danish Chapel!

The Cover including the "Mormon" Headline

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