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Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!!

Woah!! Sounds like quite the week for the people of Mesa hahaha! By the way snow reports do make me jealous but I still want to hear about them! Oh by the way I met the missionary that baptized Courtney last week! He is the ward mission leader for Fredericksberg ward in the middle of Copenhagen. Pretty awesome guy, way funny to hear about Mesa from a missionary perspective. Super fun to do it all in Danish ;)

This week as the new Family History people we got to go to both zone conferences and give a training for that stuff and that also meant we got to enjoy the festivities twice! The trainings went ok but the rest of the conference was super fun, especially on Jylland where most of the people I've served with are. It had a good mix of fun, spiritualness, and good food! There is a Danish dessert tradition called Ris alaman (spell check? I think its french originally) where you eat this really good rice pudding stuff with cherry sauce and crushed almonds but they put a couple full almonds in the bowls and if you find it you win a prize, so eveyone tries to eat a lot so they can have the prize! It's a blast! We even watched a Disney movie as a mission, Inside Out. Its really crazy funny to watch a group of 20 year olds go wild about a kids movie but that's what happened haha!
We have some really awesome appointments set up for this week with some member families and it will be really fun to experience full on Danish Christmas! Ya, I love you guys and can't wait to skype! I also found a really awesome present for the family that I'm trying to send today but I have no idea when it will actually get there!

Love all of you,
Ældste McBride

P.s. Thank you so much for the Christmas packages! I opened pre Christmas but am saving the Christmas one for actual Christmas!

Nick the Nisse rides the Moose!  And I think that's the cute paper nativity from Aunt Holly!

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