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Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 A Warm (not really its getting cold here) Welcome!!

Greetings family!

Ældste Ericksen arrived in the land last week and he has been doing awesome! I'm pretty sure he's fearless because I haven't found anything he's not willing to do haha! It's be an awesome few days! We've hit the ground running and things have been happening! We met with this guy named A... he's a young Danish guy who Elder Sakurada met and gave a Book of Mormon to almost 2 months ago. We've had almost no contact with him since then and suddenly it works out that we can meet! It was Ældste Eriksen's 2nd day in Aarhus and we had an amazing first lesson sitting cross legged on the grass behind the church building. We have some really high hopes there! 

Then yesterday we were out finding and we kontakted this 20 something year old girl. We ended up in a really awesome conversation and by the end of our talk she was holding the Book of Mormon tight to her chest and thanking us for giving it to her! It was really special.  She definitely felt something powerful! Also expecting some amazing things there :) The work is going well here and training is a new pace that I have to get used to! It's a little tough because I have to do anything that's in Danish basically alone.  It's really been teaching me to just give God control of the situation otherwise nothing good would happen out here! Just an awesome week really!

Anyways Ældste Ericksen comes from the town of Morgan Utah. He has three other siblings and he is 8 years younger than the next youngest! His hobbies include blacksmithing, drawing, video games, and being generally awesome. Other talents include playing various saxophones in big band jazz and making a rose out of Iron for his girlfriend. Once upon a time he had long red hair, that he pulled back into a ponytail. He can also do the voice impressions of approximately 50 famous characters from tv shows and movies (the Joker one is very very scary, terrifying really). He has read the Bible around 5 times cover to cover because he times it to match up with his BofM reading (i.e Isaiah while reading 2 Nephi, 3 Nephi while reading new testament, etc.) Ya that's him, quite the guy! He's just rock solid with his faith.  It's quite impressive and very helpful! He's doing great! The Danish is coming and he doesn't have a fear of talking to strangers (most important missionary skill), so good start!

In the land I've gotten haircuts from members, an Iraqi man in his shop, and other missionaries. Most recently I met an Egyptian man who offered to give "you and all your friends free clips whenever.  Just call and I tell you where shop is ok? Free haircut you and friends!" He's pretty awesome, his name is Chiko. There are a suprising amount of carved pumpkins out here ya!

Anyways I love you all! Mwah mwah hug kiss kiss hug

Ældste McBride

Max and his new Trainee AEldste Ericksen with Pres. & Sis. O'Bryant

Meet the Trainee/Trainer

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