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Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Halloweeeeeeeeeenn

Your Halloween stories are pretty awesome! That is unreal that Zacky is going to be home soon, that's so crazy! I look up to that guy so much haha! Cole is quite the popular kid now isn't he! Just let him know that isn't an excuse to not write his brothers ;)
Over here in the glistening city of Århus we had a pretty awesome week! I'll just boil it down into Saturday and Sunday because those were the best days! Saturday there was a giant family history event held by the stake in our church building! It was a massive thing with a couple hundred non members coming in to learn about family search and things! Our job was to run the refreshment table haha and the plan was to chat with people while they were eating but then all of them came in all at once and then went straight back to another workshop so not a lot of schmoozing took place haha. 

I don't remember if I told you but last week I was called as the Family History Specialist of the Nord Jylland Zone. It is a new position to help support the family history sisters because they're way over in København and there isn't a super clear job description yet but basically I'm supposed to figure out how to help the people in the zone use family history in all aspects of missionary work. I had a couple ideas but it's still pretty vague exactly what I do haha I gues we'll see! Could be fun and I bet it'll make Grandma proud (shout out to mormor!)  haha :) So ya that's that I learned how to find ancestors in old Danish church books and I added a picture of the page with Jørgen Christian Andersen's birth record on family search check it out! After the family history event was a stake young single adult Halloween party. It was pretty fun, Ana whose from Portugal (shout out Portugal) put the whole thing together and we helped her out! That was about all the Halloween celebration I saw and now everything is decked out for Christmas because they don't have Thanksgiving! Christmas will be so awesome in Århus!!

The second awesome thing was Sunday! I'll just call it international day because Ældste Ericksen an American gave his testimony in Danish while I translated the meeting to English for a member from Ghana. Then we went to guest class with Ana, from Portugal, who brought her friend who was from Russia! Then after church a girl I met from Hungary came to have a tour of the church and she brought a friend who is from Estonia! If that whole thing doesn't sound a little crazy then I don't know how to impress ya'll that's pretty dang international!
Well I'm safe and well and having a lot of fun! I love you so much!
Ældste McBride

This is the Bateman blood line all together haha! Go silly mission traditions!

You know the Kristus statue in all the visiting centers and stuff? We saw the original!!

This is a pretty awesome selfie by this beautiful fountain from when I was picking up Ældste Ericksen in CPH!

The pumpkins we missionaries carved!

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