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Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Århus is still Årawesome

Hello family!

I got a haircut by a guy I met in a bus a few weeks ago, his name is Chiko, he's from Egypt. He's hilarious and now my really good friend. He calls me Mac because he doesn't quite get the whole Ældste thing hahah! It was a fun time, we run into him all the time in random places too, so that's always fun! 

I had a couple really awesome pictures of the fall weather but then forgot the thing to get them on the computer so that's my bad! I don't really have a whole ton to write about this week.  It was just kind of a normal week, but we do have some good things prepped for this week which I'm excited about! I'm really hoping something big happens to us really soon!! By the way I did get the watch it is great! 

Also I forgot to tell you but the senior couple that works in the office was so so excited to meet me after the Moose came in! They told me that the mailman came in with a giant smile on his face and set it up triumphantly on the counter in the mission office and then that everybody who passed it laughed until they eventually got it sent out to me haha. So way to go you made a Danish mailman's day a few weeks ago! 

I might be learning how to play squash here soon with one of the members of the ward and the Stake President so that could be very fun! We were able to meet with the Hungarian and Estonian girls again in the Botanical Garden in Århus. It's an interesting situation because I think they're at this point quite skeptical but at the same time way too curious not to give it a try, so I guess that's good! There's a couple of other people that I feel like are in kind of the same boat. That's the tough the thing about college kids, way open but way busy!

Things sound like they're going pretty awesome back at home which is always great to hear! A big congratulations to Dad thats quite the switch! I'm always laughing when I read letters from you guys, it really brightens my day! :)  

I have to keep this kind of short because we're taking an essentials P-day to do an activity later in the week, but I love you so much and I hope you have a great week!!

Ældste McBride

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