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Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Thanksgiving!

Kære Familie,

Thanksgiving seemed like quite the party! Those pictures of home really put me in a time machine! Last Thanksgiving is when I put in my papers woahhhh! Did y'all catch that I hit my 8 month mark? That's 1/3 of this adventure already done. time flies! Who is that Maddy person whose new in the family? Does that mean Alex or Matt got married? Dad by the way I forgot I think to say congratulations with all that new stuff at work and that board position thing, you are becoming quite the sophisticated (hope that was spelled right haha) scholarly gentleman! 

This week was way fun! We've been taking essentials p-days for weeks now and so we got to go to Moesgaard Museum which is a way epic museum full of viking stuff! You should see if they have a sweet website or something! We also had a zone conference training/ Thanksgiving celebration which was very fun! There was a talent show and I was asked to MC it with another missionary a few hours before! That meant I got to come up with several on the spot transitional one liners (Dad this is the part where you say "thats my boy") hahaha it was really fun! Some pretty great talents were shown as well! We even got to play American football which was really fun! 

Unfortunately missionary work wise things were slow. John is/was in England until this week and even though he seems pretty busy I'm confident we will see him again. This week in wandering contacting led to us having an awesome discussion with a girl from Holland who was visiting. We sat down on a bench way late at night and had a great conversation with her and I tried to point out the spirit at the end and she said she couldn't feel it, even though I was pretty sure. Then we said a prayer and after Amen she looked up and said "I feel it now", that was powerful! She wanted to take the first step herself and find the church building in Holland when she went home the next day, instead of having missionaries sent to her door so I really hope she did, no way to find out I guess. 

Ældste Bradshaw and Ældste Vance didn't get transferred and neither did Ældste Ericksen and I! The other two elders are going on and unheard of (in our mission at least) 3 transfers together and we're all excited because that means Christmas together! Christmas has been promised to be amazing in Denmark and so far it's keeping up with that promise. Ældste Vance's mom sent us all matching beanies so that's way fun! Anyways I got to go but I love you all so much!

Ældste McBride

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