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Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 Conference!

Elder Bateman and my brother, Elder Magleby, got to visit for general conference as well! 
This is a pic from the top of building looking out over our area! 
We live in a really beautiful city!!

Ok now its letter time! We had another pretty great week here in Aarhus! I've now officially been here longer than when I was in Odense, which is pretty crazy to think about! Ældste Sakurada and I have been learning a ton here because we've been really focusing on figuring out our weaknesses and then trying our best to improve on them! Everyone remembers "weak things become strong", but sometimes we forget the first part which is "I will show unto men their weakness" This part is sometimes uncomfortable (usually) but it's just as important! Since we've been doing that we've both become much more focused missionaries, which has been really necessary because we've had a lot of work to do! We met for the first time with a couple different people this week and we're hoping we can meet with them more! 

Conference was really great! We watched both morning sessions live but it was 6:00 pm here haha! It was set up in the church, so we saw Saturday morning session Saturday night, then Sunday morning we watched preisthood, then Saturday night, and then Sunday morning at a members house that night. We still haven't had the chance to see the last session! I really liked a bunch of things, one quote was "reach up, not out" I forgot who said it, its written down somewhere haha. Such good advice, it's not up to other missionaries, or other family members, or ward members to solve all our problems. Most of the time it should be between us and Him. That was smart council for sure! I'm excited to hear that surfer talk that sounds pretty awesome! Also how about Elder Holland delivering a sermon that will echo down from Mothers day to Mothers day for decades. He's always impressive, however I don't think anybody beats Elder Uchtdorf. Elder Stevenson "the Lord qualifies those he calls" and Elder Renlund saying how the Gospel will go forth, preached by simple men. What an amazing attitude all three of those men have! Hey, too bad you didn't get the Elders over that would've been fun! 

You'll have to say hi to Brother Pickron for me and the Benches! How are those families doing? Isaac you should've just unmade Cole's bed.  That could've been a sneaky way to keep him in your room. Also I give permission for Cole to use our room as long as he puts the giant blown up picture of my face on the ceiling over his bed, so that it stares down at him while he sleeps! Also, I'd love to see more mission stories, tell Bryce to send them! That goes for you too Dad hahaha. I should've realized how much I could've figured out by asking people about their missions before I left on mine haha. Oh well! It's a long shot, but ask Eric if a Roberto Arriaga served in his mission! 

Anyways I love you guys!
Ældste McBride

Taco night! We even had guacamole and those tortillas were so so good!
This is the inside of the cathedral in the center of Århus! 
It had some really weird weird paintings and things inside!
These were some really weird people running around in Horsens when I was on splits! It was for some art/drama week. One of them ran up to me took a look at my nametag and then looked at me as if I was the crazy one hahaha it was really funny!

This is me and Elder Burton posing in front of a sweet hummer! 
I played tourist in order to contact these two girls that took
 the picture, ended up in a pretty good conversation!

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