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Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 Kære familie!

Kære familie!

I love all of you! I finally received the package and oh man was it awesome! We'll be making chicken tacos with guacamole here after we shop today! Also the nerf guns were much appreciated and I have no idea how that hilarious moose made it all the way through in the mail hahahaha! That made my whole week for sure! I had no idea how much I missed a good ol box of mac and cheese ahahah! The watch didn't come, though.  I don't remember if you said that should be coming or not hahaha.
Besides that it was a pretty normal week! It was zone conference here in Aarhus so we saw a bunch of missionaries again, which was a lot of fun! We got some great advice on how to teach more focused which is always good haha. We had a couple really big steps forward with the people we meet with! It was really pretty great stuff and we got a lot of stuff set up for this next week so big things ahead hopefully! We get to see every session of general conference because it's broadcast at the church so thats pretty nice and it is a great thing to invite people to! You should invite the elders over and your friend and watch conference together. Or see if they have anyone they want to invite.  I'm sure they'd appreciate that! :)
I lost the cord to send pictures ,so sorry I haven't had any lately! Also I don't have a ton of time to write today but I'll share a funny story! So I'm in the assistants' van with one of the Assistants Elder Mogenson (awesome) , Ældste Vance, and me (already a start to a pretty funny story right?) and I'm on the phone and Elder Vance is holding another phone up to Elder Mogensons ear while we're driving along this street at night, and its loud and we're having a good time and then we run over a hedgehog!! And we a let out a whooooaaaahhh yell thing and start laughing and then trying to explain what happened to the people on the phones and just all in all a really good time haha!
I love you all so much! Good luck with all those things you're working on! There's some serious power in routines as long as they're the right ones! haha
Din yndlings Danske Missionær
Ældste McBride

P.S. We're doing a big family history push over here, so if you can send me any sweet ancestor stories/more about our Danish ancestry that would be awesome! I know grandma sent some a little while ago, so you'll have to thank her for that because she was way ahead of the curve. It's gonna be a big thing over here.  Two sisters just got called as full time family history missionaries and no longer do "normal proselyting" all working with stakes and coordinating family history stuff! Pretty wild! So ya either in hard copy or email or both, some family history stories please! :)

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