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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 What a Week!

Kærste means more like girlfriend/boyfriend haha. Try skat! It means literally treasure but danes use it as like "hey honey"!  {We have been trying to find the ideal Danish term of endearment for Max}  The Danish people have approximately 1 bajillion random holidays.  Ok not quite that much, but they do really like their holidays. I don't know what they're all called but every couple weeks it seems like there is a new one! Isaac's car is awesome! Way to go the McBrides are still in the pinewood derby competition! Handshakes all around.

Mom that missionary experience is unbelievable! That must have been one of the best calls the elders there have ever gotten! Wow good luck with all that! That's about the ideal situation for a true conversion thats fantastic! Keep that up, we'll be praying for you and her over here! :) Ask the elders if they've had anything thats been working really well recently and let me know! It's always good to get information from all over!

Well this week was honestly really really awesome! Last Friday we were going through our weekly planning and we came to a realization that we had a lot of empty time coming up this week... like a lot a lot of time without anything going on. So we looked at eachother and decided right there and then that we were going to kickstart the area in a week. That was our vision. Then we went out and found and found and talked to people and knocked and contacted and stayed focused and pumped about finding new people who we could start working with for almost the whole week. We kept track of all the time used finding and the number of people talked to in order to keep us honest. Because we asked for so much, we started receiving and receiving! We hit some serious highs and then we hit some serious lows that Friday. Our focus shifted a little bit and we got a little cocky and a little distracted from some of the other aspects of missionary work and so we repented and changed our focus. So we didn't quite reach our goal which was to spend 40 hours dedicated to finding in that week, but it was a bit of a Zion's camp situation really. The destination wasn't met but the lessons required were learned and now the area is moving. It was really exciting work. We would come home with all our little miracles every night and then Ældste Vance and Bradshaw would come home with a bunch of miracles themselves! It was insane. The energy in our apartment was through the roof and it was unbelievable. I love Ældste Sakurada so much.  We made the decision last week when we made this goal to use our friendship as a driving force to really push ourselves because nothing is really to hard if you're with a great friend.
Ya I guess that was about it. I don't have very many really great stories just that if you ask for something, then do everything you can to prepare to receive it, then it'll come. Thats the truth!
I love all of you mwah!
Ældste McBride

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