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Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 Chili Peppers Are Hot

Kære Family

Ok this week we had 6 elders spend the night in our apartment because everyone came to Aarhus for Stake Conference and so we all ended up eating some really hot chili peppers as a challenge to build our brotherhood, of course. It was very painful and very hilarious and all in all just totally awesome!  In even more exciting news I got to work a day in Aalborg!  Æ Bradshaw rolled his ankle so he couldn't go on splits up there, so I got to go up with Elder Vance!  It was an incredible day!  Between the 4 of us up there we found a ton of people that could potentially be taught!  It was a miracle. That area got such a big boost, which is great because I love that place so much and also I was able to help them figure out who was worth getting in contact again from when I was there! It was probably one of the single most effective days on my mission and such a blast to just blitz that area! I also got to work a day in Horsens which was pretty fun, too, for splits with Æ Burton, my district leader. 

Unfortunately, all that meant that I spent a lot of time out of Århus but Æ Sakurada handled things like a stud!  I'll answer some of those questions now, but will you send me a bunch of Jack London quotes? Also, one more fun thing. I've made it a rule to talk to any person I see in a Yankees hat which is surprisingly quite a few. Only one person so far has known that it was a hat for a baseball team, but most at least know its New York. It's a pretty hilarious contacting technique! Also Æ Sakurada and I each ate a spider at an activity with the young men because they're doing survival skills right now hahaha it was really fun!

1. My companion is 19, didn't go to school first. Same with another person in my apartment and one went to a year of college and then came out.
2. Sundays are kind of just a normal day but with church in the mornings. There's only one ward of about 60 people that come every week here and after church we do all the same things we do on a normal day. It must be way weird with only 4 people in the family at church!
3. I don't know about everywhere, but tracting is the program not just a part of it. Just for an example that day in Aalborg, Æ Higby and I talked to people on the street for about 5 hours straight. That was a "heavy" finding day, but those are also the most effective days. I've always felt safe knocking doors, its a pretty safe place I live in haha.  Knocking isn't as bad as people build it up to be.  Its as effective as you are willing/ready for it to be!
4. Service is usually just random projects for members, but we're trying some new stuff here soon.
5. Cooking and cleaning just kind of happen. Things are never spotless, but not usually a disaster. I feel like I know how to clean/ cook pretty fine yep!
6. Usually people have like at least one thing they do really well. I make good tacos, Æ Sakurada makes really good chicken teriyaki!
7. P-days it kind of depends but usually go to a park or something.
8. Sometimes jog, sometimes push ups, sometimes just fight to not fall asleep on the carpet. I'm still not a morning person unfortunately haha
9. Ya I've heard from a few of them yep! :)
10. Mom there's like a million crazy things I can't tell you haha. The missionary schedule is designed so you wake up, study, eat, and then you have 8.5 hours a day to go have crazy experiences. Hahaha but don't worry you just kind of get used to all the crazy!
11. I have seen the blessings of fasting on my mission. Whenever we make a big plan, we fast about it to ask if that is the right plan and then we go out and work! I don't think its a cure all, though, like it should be used for special things.
12. I have not gotten the package yet, but I should in a couple days at zone conference!
Ok that was that! Tell Cole he can't have a girlfriend until after I'm home from my mission!

Love you all
Ældste Max McBride

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