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Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015 Adventure in Århus

Ok before I get rambling all about me and my adventures, I just gotta say, you guys have really upped the number of vacations since Sam and I left. Hmmmm what's up with that! It's weird hearing how warm and sunny it still is at home. It's starting to get colder and it rained almost every day hahaha! It's been quite the experience.
Ældste Sakurada and I became really good friends really really fast and so we just laugh all the time. It's made everything really fun and has helped us to really attack the area!  We've been using the "I'm lost, can you help me?" contacting technique which has been pretty fun and also very true. One day we basically just talked to people while wandering around the city and taking buses and trying to find addresses and we had some amazing experiences. 
We talked to this Greenlandic girl who is a big fan of the band Muse, some Muslim guys that led to another chat in a mosque (but this time it was dumb, not epic because a random guy plopped down in the middle of our good conversation, rambled for 20 minutes and then we had to go because it was time for them to pray), but the craziest story is about a woman that we met late that night. 
We were talking to this one guy and this woman walked past and said in English, "Hey you're Mormons", so I split off and started talking to her. She was an exchange student with a Mormon family in California about 30 years ago. We started talking and I said something, don't remember what, and she started bawling right there on the street, just tears, and I got a little worried, but then I said "Is this something you've been searching for for a long time?" and she nodded and cried. The Spirit basically dropped on us like a brick at that point. At that point Ældste Sakurada had come over and helped to lighten the situation a little bit because it was really intense and then we walked with her to where she was going. She wouldn't give us her number or address, but I think that's because she's still got the wrong ideas about Mormons, but clearly she had a strong faith in Jesus Christ!  Anyway that was probably my super experience of the week!
Ok I have to get going.  Sorry it's so short! You have any questions ask em and I'll definitely answer next time! I love it here and I love you all!

We found tags that said Elder Goof and Elder Ball so this is us putting them on and then us laughing at how hilarious we are!

Sweet pic of us by this lake thing!

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