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Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 I'm expecting!!! (sounds weird but oh well)

I am currently in Odense, awaiting the arrival of my son on Wednesday! Those Pictures of you Guys copying the statues are hilarious oh man! I laughed loud in the library at Ike the Mermaid in his natural fall forest habitat!

It was a bit of an odd week again for me. I tagged along with the zone leaders this week and because there was a zone training this week they had to prepare for that and with the people they had to visit I just kind of followed them around.  It was fun but I feel like I've been on this weird sort of vacationish thing since Ældste Sakurada left and I've just been following around other companionships. It's kind of fun but I'm getting restless and just want to put in some serious work in my area again. It needs it! 

Other than that I've had just a ton of time to think about this new transfer and I'm really excited.  There will be some seriously amazing miracles, I'm sure of it! In other fun news we had a zone Halloween party where we carved pumpkins! I won the zone ping pong tournament hahaha turns out all that practice really paid off haha who knew? Dad any pro tips for training a new missionary? Oh, we also had interviews again with President. Turns out Pres O'Bryant knows his way around a racquetball court, so that was pretty fun.  I think that means we're officially friends now, so that's good. Anyways I'll send you more info on my trainee once I get my hands on him. 

Fun story of the week, we(Ældste Bradshaw, Æ Vance, and I) visited this guy named Mr. T.(yep thats his name) He's from Cambodia and his wife of 8 months is from Denamark. It's such a fairytale. She was traveling as part of some student organisation around asia and was on this Island for about a week and just about to leave when she met Mr. T and she missed her plane home and lived there for months and months and then had a fully traditional Cambodian wedding with like 900 guests and now they're newlyweds living in Denmark. I've met some pretty amazing people on my mission! We also taught this family from the Faroe islands, and earlier today on the train I had a nice chat with a lady from the Faroe islands. Theres not so many Faroese people but now I've met a couple.  Pretty crazy, huh?

I love all of you so much!

kys kys,
Ældste McBride 

I found this on the Mission blog!  Pretty proud that our cute moose made their blog & newsletter!

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