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Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Woah!

Kære Familie,

Sounds like you all had a busy week! We did too. There are just a lot of great things happening! :) We had a zone training where President and Sister O'bryant preached about the Book of Mormon, then this weekend was conference. We watched all the sessions except sunday afternoon in the church. In the words of one of our friends, "Wow that was something". It was her first time seeing conference and so it was fun to point out who the apostles are and who the prophet is! She was amazed to see so many mormons in one place haha!

Maybe the highlight of the whole week was a man named R---. R--- is married to a less active member who was baptized about 10 years ago, B---. She loves the church but has fallen out of the habit. Elder and Sister Yates (the senior couple missionaries here in Fredericia who are basically our grandparents) invited them both to Institute last week and they came! We got a call from them the next week asking us to come over and teach R--- a lesson. That was pretty unique, receiving a phone call to come and teach a lesson. We went over there last Thursday night and just prepared to talk about the atonement and repentance, we didn't know what to expect. We sat down and they told us that since institute they haven't been able to stop thinking about the church and they talk about it all the time. Then they told us that they had set a goal to quit smoking and stop drinking coffee. Then R--- said he wants to be baptized. Then B--- says they want to be sealed in the temple someday. At this point we share our message about how Jesus Christ and his atonement is how they can accomplish all those goals. They told us some more spiritual experiences they've had and we invited them to pray about a specific date for R---'s baptism. B--- volunteered to say the prayer at the end and we all kneeled down. As soon as she said amen R--- jumped up and said 7 I felt like it is something with the 7th. We looked at our calendars and all of us wrote down November 7th. Two days later we came by and R--- had stopped smoking. He is showing so much faith right now and is sincerely repenting! There is still a lot of work to do but woah these people are great!

So ya it has been a great week! I love you guys! Time is flying :)

Ældste McBride

p.s. at omvende-to repent does mean literally to turn around in Danish too :)

We are preparing our apartment for winter

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