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Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 Tilykke med fødselsdag Mor!

Kære Familie,

I'd like to start by saying happy birthday to my angel mother (haha I know you don't like that phrase! ;))  I hope you had a really great fantastic wonderful birthday! I love you. This morning I read about the stripling warriors so Mom you have been on my mind! Thanks for everything you've done/do to help make me into a good guy :) Seriously mom, you are awesome! It will be fun to hang out with you again someday! Those trips look like so much fun! And to answer your question, no there is not really any homeless people in Denmark. So cute that Isaac likes doing that!

Its pretty cool to see pics of all those guys! Kevan looks like a straight up viking! So sweet to see Bill Pickron, what an awesome guy! Oh man it is so crazy that Seth is home! How is he doing? I loved his tie with the little llama on it!

We had a great week here, again. Elder Gardner are almost confused about how well things are going here for us in Fredericia! We're hoping we stay a 3rd transfer together but its not looking likely. We kept getting texts from M--- this week that would start out with, "Now that I'm an LDS Mormon woman I got to know..." We went to her place, ate pizza, and watched meet the Mormons. Tons of fun!

Anyways I can't think of any big stories this time but I'm doing great! I love you guys!

Ældste McBride

p.s. I was thinking that since I get home a couple months after Christmas, you guys don't need to worry about sending gifts or an expensive package or anything. It sure costs a lot to mail stuff! 

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