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Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 25th Week Anniversary!

Hello Family!
Congratulations to Alex! Also go Danny, what a stud! I met a missionary that just came to our mission that knew Danny at BYU. That was pretty fun! I feel like you guys have gone to a million weddings since I left haha!

In the theme of weddings... (solid transition right) Today marks the start of the 25th week that Ældste Vance and I have been roommates! That's a long time! We have become great pals and have seen so many great things happen and have learned so much since showing up here 6 months ago!

So Elder Vance does these voice recordings that he sends home every week so this time I joined and we tried to recap the last 4 transfers! We didn't get nearly everything but hopefully it will be fun for you to hear some funny stories! Other than that this week went pretty well we went back to that college thing but this time it went really well! All positive, good questions, laughing and smiling. Much much better than last time haha. But yes here are the voice recordings!
They are split up into 4 sections one for each transfer.

(Max then included 4 voice recordings full of awesome stories and missionary fun, but I am not tech savvy enough to make them available to you here.  Just trust me, they are awesome!  Wish I could share.)

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