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Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016 Dominate the Dark!

Kære Familie,

It is starting to get cold here!  Dark too! I have these sweet gloves I got in Iceland and also this giant scarf someone gave me last winter that keep me nice and cozy. We also have a car so thats really lucky! 

Also the work has never ever gone better. Elder Gardner and I sit back sometimes and just wonder why things are going so well. We feel very very blessed! We are just meeting lots of incredible people lately! Missionary work is so fun! You'd never believe who you can meet wandering around a city on a cold, dark night. We've made some really great friends that way. I stopped this one girl that was biking past us one night. She was so excited to meet Mormons in Denmark because she knew some back in Ukraine where she was from and was also an exchange student in the US and in Germany with Mormon families! We are quite the international church! I want to tell you more about some of the people we are teaching but I think its pretty personal info, I promise I'll share a bunch of stories with you someday.

Denmark exploded because of the election. Most Danes are dumbfounded that America could choose Trump. It's hilarious actually.  One newspaper headline was a quote by Trump that said "I am the greatest president God has ever made." Hahah they hate that guy! As two young Americans walking around we get a lot of people giving us their political advice!

Also in theme with your trips to the temple this week, we have been helping M--- get ready so that we can all go to the temple later in the month. It has been fun for her to start figuring out family history! She is so cool. The other night she had a dream that answered one of her prayers. The spirit is amazing!

Earlier this week we had a Leadership meeting in Copenhagen with President and Sister O'bryant. They are such awesome people. I've really learned a ton from them! I think the real miracle was that Elder Gardner and I were early this time and not late. Our transfer name is 3 is the magic number. We really went back and forth between that and 3rd times the charm. Decisions are tough sometimes! Anyway I'm always so happy to hear from you guys. It was weird not being able to recognize anyone in those pics you sent. I don't know that ward at all anymore! I love you family have a great week!

Ældste McBride

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